July 2014 Playlist

The Outside Lands music festival is in exactly two weeks! I can't believe that in two weeks I'll be back in San Francisco doing the whole festival thing once again. To commemorate such an exciting event I decided to do the same thing as last year and feature some artists and bands that I'm excited to see at Outside Lands in the July playlist. In this playlist I included one of my all-time favorite bands, some artists I've loved since high school, and then some newer additions to my music library. This is also the first Outside Lands related blog post, I promise there will be a lot more to come!

The Summer Fashion Haul

Summer Fashion Haul
Here is part 2 of my mini haul week over on my YouTube channel. Thank to the summer sales I've been able to find a bunch of great wardrobe staples for a fraction of the price. I've picked up a lot of striped items, basic shirts, and even some very versatile sandals which I'm probably going to keep wearing until late fall. This fashion haul is unlike my other hauls I've done in the past because instead of trying to describe the item I'm actually going to show you how each of the items looks on me.

Warby Parker | Jasper Marine Slate

Warby Parker Jasper Marine Slate
I'm going to begin another round of Warby Parker blog posts! If you're new to my blog, I've taken various pictures of me wearing Warby Parker frames in the past so people can have an easier time choosing a frame to purchase or add to their home try-on box. You can check out all the blog posts here. I'm going to kick off round 4 of Warby Parker posts with the sunglasses I just bought. Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to the Jasper!

Face of the Day | Rose Hues

Face of the Day Rose Hues
Whenever I would see rose eyeshadows my mind would immediately think "I can't wear pink, it's going to make me look sick." While everyone and their mothers were raving about the Naked 3 palette, I was avoiding it at all cost. In my efforts to incorporate more color into my makeup routine, I decided to finally step into the world of pink and warm colored hues. I have to say I was very surprised by the outcome and even more when I saw that these eyeshadows managed to do something very cool to my eyes. After sporting this look it's safe to say that I won't be avoiding these colors anymore.

The Big Summer Beauty Haul

The Big Summer Beauty Haul
Guess who's been shopping? This girl right here! My biggest problem with having a job is knowing that I have money to go shopping with. It happens every time I have a job but I felt like getting one last beauty haul up before I go on my makeup ban. Yes, that's going to happen real soon. In this haul you'll get a good mix of drugstore and high end products, and even some very interesting stuff from Mexico.