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Outfit of the Day | Lunch at El Agave Restaurant and Tequileria


Lunch at El Agave Restaurant and Tequileria
By know, I think most of you know how much I enjoy discovering new restaurants in San Diego. I'd say that it's one of my favorite things to do in my city, and when the opportunity came to collaborate with El Agave Restaurant and Tequileria in Old Town- I had to say yes! Food and styling a casual outfit? What's not to love? I decided to invite my mom to a casual lunch in Old Town and this is what I wore to our little mother-daughter lunch. You'll also get to see the "lunch of the day" which was really really great. You probably already heard me rave about the lunch if you follow me on Snapchat, but in case you didn't then you'll hear me rave about it in this post as well.

August 2016 Favorites


August 2016 Favorites
August was definitely a much better month for me than July. It seems like things are finally falling into place and there's some exciting ventures ahead. There was even some very exciting beauty discoveries this past month! I found my new go-to acne treatments that don't dry out my oily skin, some products that combine my love for nerdy things and makeup, and I even found the most comfortable nude lip combo. August was a pretty easy breezy month for me, which I honestly needed that after experiencing one of the most frustrating summers. And now that August is over, I can start counting down for fall! I just want cooler weather, dark lip colors, and fall clothing.

Smoked Out Purple Lower Lash Line


Smoked Out Purple Lower Lash Line
After posting my Top 5 Lip Balms video I got so many requests to make a tutorial on this particular makeup look. The requests even came pouring in on Snapchat and Instagram, so I sat down and recorded this simple look incorporating a bright pop of color. I know, it's the most cliché way to describe a makeup look but it's literally what it is in this case. If you're normally a bit scared to wear a bright color, then this is the perfect way to ease your way into more colorful looks. And if you're not a fan of purple, then you can apply this technique to literally any other color. You can switch up the color to blue, green, olive, maroon... I think you get the point. The best thing is that this makeup is super quick to do but it looks like it took a lot more effort.

Review | Marc Jacobs Air Blush


Marc Jacobs Air Blush Review
When it comes to luxury brands worth the splurge Marc Jacobs always ranks very high on my list. Pretty much everything that I've tried from Marc Jacobs has been absolutely incredible and definitely worth the money. I've tried lipstick, eyeliners, contour powder, and even their eyeshadows- all expensive but very worth it. So you can only imagine how excited I was when the Air Blush launched very recently. Oh boy, I think I got a little too excited about a blush. The packaging itself is stunning and very sleek, and don't even get me started about the striped blush design. Now the Air Blush isn't exactly an affordable blush, in fact I think this is my most expensive blush in my entire makeup collection. Kind of crazy, huh? The one thing I asked myself when I started trying out the Air Blush was: "Is this blush even worth $42?" Well after weeks of trying it out I finally figured out the answer to that question.

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