NYE 2014 Outfit

So we have done nails and makeup, now all that there is left is an outfit! Here's an outfit for those of you who are heading out to a semi formal event or restaurant. It is a very simple outfit featuring pops of gold jewelry of course.

Tutorial | NYE 2014 Look

Yesterday I mentioned that you can never go wrong with gold and today I bring you even more gold! As I said this is one of the few times a year that you can go all out, so why not? I've had this glitter liner sitting in my makeup collection for a few years not knowing how to use it until I saw a bunch of tutorials using glitter liner on the lid. Why did it take me so long to use it like that? I don't know why but damn! I am absolutely obsessed with how this look turned out.

NYE 2014 Nails

All that glitters is gold for NYE. Glitter nail polish is always great for special occasions like NY because it looks festive and fun. Plus it's one of the few times a year that you can get away with as much glitter as you want! Instead of going for a traditional gold I went with a more antique gold so it would look more sophisticated and then layered a gold holographic glitter to add more dimension. You can never go wrong with more gold, right?

December 2013 Playlist

With only 4 days left till 2014 I've decided to go ahead and post my last playlist of 2013. I could have easily created a NYE playlist or done a top 10 albums of 2013 list, but I just felt like showcasing those songs that I listened to non-stop this year. I made sure to include a variety of songs from indie rock to electro and even some a little bit of folk rock just to show how diverse 2013 really was.

Merry Christmas!

It is Christmas Eve, the night when my family does our dinner and gift exchange. I am currently waiting for my family to arrive so I decided to record two short video messages wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. I hope you all have an amazing Christmas with your loved ones. Cherish every moment you have with your family as if it was your last. Also be appreciative of everything you have and the things you will be given. I also want to thank you all once again for everything because this year has been magical all thanks to all the lovely people I've met through blogging. I wish you all the very best in life, thank you for everything.

My 24th Birthday

I know, I know... I've been slacking when it comes to vlogging so today I finally sat myself down so I could edit my birthday vlog. The last weeks of December are always very busy for everyone including myself and as much as blogging and YouTube have become part of my life, I also have days when I was to just hang out with my family just like everyone else. I already told many of you on Facebook that there might not be as many blog post and videos in the next two weeks because I'll be spending time with my family, but for the meantime there is this vlog that I filmed on my birthday.

Face of the Day | Glam Holiday Look

So I already showed you an easy holiday look but today I have a more dramatic look for those who are planning to get dressed up this Christmas. While a lot of people try to incorporate a red lip to their holiday look I decided to go for green. A deep green smokey eye always looks amazing on anyone in my opinion. I'm going to be showing you how I got my glam look using primarily drugstore products.

Happy 24th Birthday To Me!

Today is my birthday! I am now in my mid 20's which is kind of exciting and a little scary at the same time. I managed to accomplish quite a bit as a 23 year-old. I finally got my degree in French and Francophone Studies, co-wrote bilingual (French/English) case studies which will be published very soon, started this blog, managed four YouTube channels, and I made a ton of great new friends. I also went to a lot of great places such as Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival, up the California coast, and even to Fashion Week San Diego. I hope to accomplish even more things as a 24 year-old and be able to share them with you. To celebrate you'll be seeing 24 pictures of me- some are normal and others just show how much of a derp I am.

Tutorial | Easy Holiday Look

It's day 3 of holiday week! Today I have a very easy holiday makeup look perfect for a casual Christmas or holiday party. It is a very simple and quick tutorial for those that don't have a lot of time to get ready. I actually worse this to my grandmother's birthday yesterday except I changed the lips so they could match my orange sweater. On Friday I'm going to have a more glam makeup option for those who want to look like a goddess on Christmas.

Holiday Nail Art

It's day two of holiday week here on Laura Neuzeth. Today I have an easy nail art picture tutorial featuring one of my favorite color combinations- black and gold. This screams holidays for me without having to draw snowmen or reindeers on your nails. If you want a more edgy holiday nail art then this is the post for you. You can rock a different design on each nail or just do one design on all your nails. It's all up to you!

Semi-Formal Holiday Outfits feat. Madewell

This week is holiday outfit and makeup ideas on my blog! Thank you so much for voting on the blog poll, I really love getting that kind of input from my readers. On Thursday a couple of bloggers were invited to attend a small blogger event at Madewell in La Jolla. As part of the event we had a challenge to come up with a couple of holiday outfits using some of their clothes and accessories. As you can imagine it was a very easy task because Madewell has a great variety of cute and classic pieces. I came up with two semi-formal outfits that are absolutely perfect for any Christmas dinner.

DIY | Mugs and Dishes

Today I have the video that you voted on my blog poll! Ladies and gentlemen I present you the holiday DIY! I know Sharpie mugs have been a popular DIY project but I haven't seen many of them draw faces on the mugs. This is my take on the popular DIY mug craze. These mugs and dishes make amazing Christmas gifts and in fact my mom and I are giving some them gifts to friends, family, and even my boyfriend. The faces are not only adorable but if you model the face after the person you're gifting the item to, I'm pretty sure they're going to go crazy when they see their face on a mug. I really hope you enjoy this latest DIY as much as I enjoyed making it and let's get started!

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Last Minute Gift Ideas

Christmas is only 13 days away which means that you should have your Christmas gift ready? Oh, wait... You haven't even started shopping yet? Well good thing I have you covered. I've created 5 separate gift idea categories for those last minute shopping looking for affordable gifts (of $35 or less). All of these items are easily found in your city and most of them in your local mall, so you won't have to pay extra for quick shipping. If you're looking for gifts for a beauty junkie, fragrance fanatic, music lover, the blogger or YouTuber, or want some great gift card ideas then this is the blog post for you.

Outfit of the Day | December Nights

Last Friday I attended my first ever December Nights at Balboa Park. It is a two-day celebration held at Balboa Park (the area that houses many of San Diego's museums and also the zoo). There's a lot of food, gifts to buy, music, and free activities for the family during December Nights. Most of the museums were free that day which made me really happy, and you get to walk around and see the park completely decorated in lights. I'm going to share with you the outfit I choose to wear to December nights. It isn't the most holiday-ish outfit but I just really wanted somewhere to wear my holographic shoes out.

Review | NeoCell Collagen Beauty Builder and Hyaluronic Acid

As women we try everything to make our skin look amazing. We buy the latest foundation, slather on as much moisturizer as we can, and we even watch what we eat in order to see results. Sometimes the way to see better results on the outside is by working on the inside. Beauty supplements aren't anything new but now there's a wide array of supplements to cover any of your beauty needs. Do your nails break off easily? There's a supplement for that. Do you have really dry skin? There's a supplement for that too! Wrinkles? You got it! I think you get the idea... I got to pick two supplements for my specific needs from NeoCell and they were kind enough to let me host a giveaway for my readers!

Wet n Wild's 24 Carrot Gold vs. Mac's Morange

Orange is a fun color but should you spend $15 on something that you're going to wear on special occasions? I've found a dupe of the cult favorite Morange lipstick and the best thing is that the lipstick is only $1.99! In my latest installment of my first impression review I'll be reviewing the Wet n Wild Mega Last Color in 24 Carrot Gold that I recently picked up. In the video I also compare it to Morange in terms of color, texture, opacity, and feel.

Winter Skincare Essentials

'Tis the season for dry and dull face but it doesn't have to be that way. Even those of us who with oily skin start experiencing the results of a colder climate and dry wind. The two crucial steps to avoid dry and dull skin is to remember to moisturize your skin well and also exfoliate to get rid of all the dead skin. I'll be sharing with you some of my favorite products and some newer discoveries that are now part of my fall/winter skincare routine.

Perfect Lip Colors for the Holidays

It's the season of bright red lips, delicious cranberry shades, and the dark vampy lips. I've chosen eight lipsticks that will suit a number of different skin tones and will look fabulous for any holiday party that you'll be attending. I've made sure to include various finishes, types of lip colors, and price tags so there sure to be something for you.

Haul | Sephora, Bath & Body Works, and Drugstore Makeup

So I have yet another haul for you! I feel like I've been doing them so often but in reality my last haul was a month ago so I feel like it's been enough time in between. Since we're now in the holiday season things are just going on sale left to right. I took advantage to stock up on inexpensive things, candles, and also start my Christmas shopping (which I finished on Monday). I hope you enjoy this latest haul and if you want a review on any of the products just let me know.

Face of the Day | Tea Party Neutrals

On Sunday I was invited to attend my very first tea party. Despite not being the biggest girly girl on the planet, I was actually excited to attend. My goal was for my makeup to look as lady like as possible, but with an edge. While I kept the rest of my face pretty neutral I wanted to do something different on my lips. Instead of doing a plain red lip I decided to add some dimension by adding a bit of black lipstick in the outside corners of my mouth. It's just an interesting play on the classic red lips.

November Favorites

Yet another month has come and gone, and now we're in December! We're only days away from my birthday and Christmas which is insane to even think about. This month I've decided to make my monthly favorite videos short because I tend to ramble on and on about products and stories. All of the items featured are from the drugstore which wasn't my intention but 2013 has honestly become the year of drugstore product for me. The drugstore has been kicking some serious ass this year!

November 2013 Playlist

This month's playlist is inspired by the music I would listen to in high school. The Killers recently released their first Greatest Hits album which made me reminisce a lot about the past. Unlike many people I happened to enjoy high school. Sure there was some drama, sad times, and awkward moments but overall it was a nice experience for me. My high school years was when I was first introduced to some great bands that I love till this day like The Killers, Phoenix, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

What I'm Thankful for This Year

If someone would had told me at the beginning of this year that I would be blogging, making videos, and meeting countless of amazing people along the way I would had thought he/she was absolutely crazy. The second half of 2012 was really tough for me. I had come back from studying abroad and reverse culture shock hit me so bad that I felt like a stranger in my own city and house. I felt severely disconnected from everyone and everything, even myself. All of that contributed to my life spiraling downwards until I fell back into depression. It was a horrible time filled with confusion, tears, and a couple of panic attacks here and there. Once 2013 started I promised myself that I needed to make changes, some of them weren't going to be easy but it was crucial for me to take some risks if I wanted to happy.

First Impression | Julep Maven Box

There's a subscription box for just about anything nowadays. There are some that include beauty samples, others that include a survival package for when you're PMS-ing (I'm not kidding, there are boxes out there), and then there's boxes for nail polish addicts like myself. I've never tried a subscription box before and I kept seeing the Julep ads on my Google AdSense both on YouTube and my blog so I decided to give their box a shot. I used the code FREEBOX to get my first box for free! In this box you get three Julep nail polishes plus a bonus gift. Each nail polish retails for $14 on their site so I thought the box was a really good deal. If you want to see my first impression and nail polish swatches just stick around to watch my latest first impression review.

Review | Sally Hansen Colorfast Tint + Moisture Balm

Everyone knows that Sally Hansen makes great nail polishes but did you know that they also do makeup? It seems like a couple of people didn't know that on my last haul but they did used to have a full line of makeup. The makeup line isn't as big as Maybelline or L'Oréal but it did have everything from face to lip products which have now been scaled down to nail, lip, and leg products. Despite knowing about the Sally Hansen makeup products and seeing it for years on What Not to Wear I had never tried a single product until I found the Colorfast balm on clearance. I figured you can't go wrong with a lip product.

Tutorial | St. Vincent

Last week St. Vincent announced her upcoming album by releasing a promotional image with dramatic makeup at around midnight or so. Naturally every St. Vincent fan (including me) went wild! Not only did she release promotional images but there was also a 30 second clip of a new song and European tour dates announced. Maybe that doesn't sound too exciting for everyone but when your favorite female musician and music innovator announces a new album, you better get excited! I found the look to be very eccentric kind of like David Bowie during the Ziggy Stardust era. I was very inspired by the picture so I decided to recreate the dramatic look. I hope you all like it!

San Diego Style Bloggers Interview

Hi everyone! You all know by now that I'm a member of the San Diego Style Bloggers community and last week I got asked to become the first vlogger featured on the website and I said "YES!" I got asked a few questions regarding YouTube, my first video, vlogging vs. blogging, and how I handle the haters. Here's the link to the interview if you wish to read it. I would love to see some of my readers and subscribers go and leave a comment, I think that would be amazing. Also I would like to thank both my subscribers and my readers for all the support. I recently reached 500 subscribers on YouTube and now have 400 Facebook likes and Instagram followers which just blows my mind. Thank you so much for everything, it honestly means so much to me.

Let me know what you thought of the interview in the comments below. I'd love to hear what you thought of it.

Review | Jordana 12 HR Made to Last Eyeshadow Pencil

I feel bad for admitting this but Jordana was always one of those makeup brands that I would just never pay attention to. Maybe it was because their display at the drugstore is so much smaller compared to the other brands, or maybe it was their very simple packaging. Whatever the reason may had been, I just ignored the brand completely for years. Most recently I've heard a lot of buzz about Jordana in the YouTube and blogging world so I decided to pick up a few products to test them out. One of the products I was recommended to try was the 12HR Made to Last Eyeshadow Pencil which is quite similar to a another drugstore product that I reviewed a couple months ago. In just a couple of weeks Jordana has gone from being a brand that I would walk past, to a brand that I can't walk away without something. Their products have really impressed me so far.

Empty Products #3

It's time for yet another empties video! In this video a lot of the products I finished were stuff that I have reviewed on the blog so I will leave a list of the reviews down below so you can check them out. I also burned through quite a lot of candles, including one of my favorites called London Calling. That candle smelled exactly like tea and lemon and unfortunately isn't available anymore (tell me why Bath and Body Works!). If you're a fan of empty product videos or are interested in getting mini reviews of products I've tried then you have to check out my latest video.

SD Style Blogger Glam Meetup at Emma Jane

Last Friday some of San Diego's most fashionable bloggers met up for yet another great event. The glam meetup was held at the adorable Emma Jane boutique in La Jolla. It was a fabulous night filled with amazing jewelry, great friends, and a lot of new faces. There were so many new bloggers at this event, many who has just moved to San Diego this past summer! So it was great being able to get to know them and exchange blog tips. It was also so great getting to see my friends again and just catch up with them. I took a couple of pictures at the event and of course I did some vlogging as usual, so I hope you're ready to attend a cocktail party with some of the San Diego Style Bloggers.

Sweater Weather Tag

Fall related tags are spreading like wildfire on YouTube and by far the most popular one of them all has to be the Sweater Weather tag. I put a sweater on for the occasion despite filming this video when it was 80º in San Diego. This was actually a fun tag to film and it allowed me to get to know some of my favorite YouTuber better. If you would like to know what my favorite fall candle is or what my favorite fall memory is just keep watching.

Tips for Luminous Skin

Disclaimer: This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and Dove.
This is the third and final post in the #MujerDove collaboration with Dove. In this post I'll be sharing some of my personal tips of how you can obtain beautiful and luminous skin, even in the colder months. We're reaching that time of the year that our skin becomes dry and even a little dull due to the weather changes. Even if the weather wants to dictate the condition of our skin, it doesn't mean that it needs to have it's way. It is possible to have healthy and luminous skin year round and I'll be the one showing you how.

Derpin Eats | The Pilot Episode

In case you haven't noticed by the overabundance of food pictures on my Instagram, I like food. While I'm not the best cook in the world, I do have people in my life that are great cooks. I decided to start this new cooking series on my channel where I'll be sharing some recipes with a dash of silliness, or should I say derpiness. In this first episode my boyfriend attempted to replicate a udon recipe that he found on YouTube. Of course being the first episode, we didn't plan things very well so things definitely went wrong. At least we now know that he can make noodles! Apart from the noodles, all you're going to get to see are some very derpy moments that hopefully will make you excited for upcoming episodes.

Nails of the Day | Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel in Moonlit Woods

This year we've seen a number of nail polish fads from textured polish to speckled, and now I present you scented nail enamel. Scented nail polish is nothing new, in fact I bought a bright green scented polish from Revlon a few years ago which was supposed to smell like lime but that wasn't necessarily the case. This new Parfumerie collection is divided into three categories: sweet & spices, fresh, and fruit and florals. Word of advice don't smell the polishes at the stores because the scent appears once the nail polish is completely dry. When I looked at the new permanent collection Moonlit Woods really caught my eye because it's not often that you see a metallic lilac shade in the drugstore.

How to Style a Pixie Cut

I recently got asked if I could do a video about how to style a pixie cut by a subscriber. Not going to lie, hair has never been one of my strengths that's one of the reasons why I cut my hair in the first place but I decided to challenge myself and create 3 very simple and quick hairstyles that basically anyone can recreate. If I can do them then you can do them too! The best thing is that you'll spend 10 minutes or less doing everything from applying product to drying and styling your hair.

Face of the Day | Cool for Fall

According to the makeup rules set by who knows who, you wear dark makeup in the fall and colorful makeup in the spring and summer. Well I'm not one that likes following the rules when it comes to expressing yourself, so if I want to wear coral lips in the fall then I can do just that. I also felt like look played up the purple and coral hues in my top by Roots Canada which features some beautiful Canadian scenery during sunset.  The look also incorporates some of the new drugstore products that I've picked up the past week.

Review | Dove Clear Tone Deodorant + GIVEAWAY

Disclaimer: This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and Dove.
I feel like deodorant and antiperspirant are rarely talked about in beauty blogs and I honestly don't know why. Deodorant is part of our everyday routine, it can hydrate the armpit area, and also prevent body odors. There's a deodorant nearly for everything! There's some that smell like a field of flowers, others that moisturize, and then there's products like the Dove Clear Tone Deodorant that help lighten and even out the armpit area.

My Top 5 Makeup Products

I recently got tagged to do a video showing my top 5 makeup products and it turns out all of them are from the drugstore! In my latest video I'm going to share the products that I honestly cannot live without. Most of these products are multitasking, versatile, and most of all very affordable. This is a great video for those wanting to start a makeup collection or for those who simply want to discover some great products.

Review | LSTN Beech Wood Bowery Headphones

I think by now everyone who reads my blogs knows what a huge music fan I am, so when I got approached by LSTN to review one of their headphones I felt like it would be a very organic collaboration. Ever since filming my first impression review, I've been putting these headphones on various tests to be able to write a proper review. I've tested their noise cancelling ability, the bass, and also how they perform in a variety of situations. Perhaps the normal consumer wouldn't think of testing their headphones to the extent that I did but I'm certainly not normal consumer with a limited knowledge of headphones. I felt like my testing was crucial to figure out who would be attracted to headphones like these.

Haul | Urban Outfitters, Jordana, Sally Hansen + ANNOUNCEMENT

Soooo... I have another haul. What can I say? After that wishlist I had a serious case of the shopping bug. And as you saw in my wishlist I showcased a couple of very metallic shoes and look what I found- a pair of metallic and holographic shoes! I also have a couple of makeup bits in this video so if you're interested just keep watching. Also Spanish speakers you might want to keep reading for my big announcement. :-)

First Impression | LSTN Beech Bowery Headphones

I recently got approached by LSTN Headphones to review a pair of headphones. In case you don't know about LSTN they're a headphone company which sells headphones made out of wood! Not only does that set them apart from other headphone companies but they also give back to those in need. Whenever someone purchases one of their headphones, they donate a hearing aid to someone in need. Giving someone the ability to hear for their mom or music for the first time is a life changing experience. As a longtime music fan I can't go a day without listening to music for a couple of hours so I couldn't imagine not being able to hear a thing. I really loved the premise of LSTN Headphones, as well as their cause, so it only made sense for me to partner with them for a review. This is only my first impression, I will publish an in-depth review some time next week after I've tested for a couple of days.

October 2013 Playlist

I've been hinting on Twitter about an all Scandinavian pop edition of my monthly playlist and it's finally here! It's no secret that Sweden produces some of the best pop music from Abba to modern day artists like Lykke Li and Icona Pop, who produced one of the biggest hits of 2013. The whole month of October I've been craving a lot of pop music specifically from the Scandinavian countries. If you're not as familiar with Scandinavian pop then this will be a perfect introduction to some new and eclectic artists.

October Favorites

So it's time for another monthly favorites video! With the weather changes, I've been forced to change up my skin routine a little and I've found some great products that work for hydrating my oily skin. I've also been embracing a natural finish foundation and I think I found a great affordable option for girls who want a fuss-free product. And if you enjoy seeing me geek out over music or a specific Pokemon-like iPhone app (*cough Puzzle and Dragons cough*) then this video will be for you! I hope you enjoy my latest installment of my monthly favorites.

Outfit of the Day | Monochromatic

For the month of October the San Diego Style Bloggers blog issued a challenge to come up with monochromatic looks. I honestly was over thinking this and actually trying to plan out a complicated monochromatic look, but this past Sunday the look just sort of happened. I went up to visit my boyfriend this weekend so I didn't end up taking my whole wardrobe and by the last day all I had was black items of clothing. When I looked in the mirror I realized "Hey, I'm wearing head-to-toe black! This is a monochromatic look!" 

#MujerDove Twitter Party Invite

Disclaimer: This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and Dove.
Happy Monday everyone! I have a very exciting announcement today! I have been asked to be part of Dove's #MujerDove (Translation: Dove Woman) campaign which makes me want to shout it on top of a mountain. I've been selected to be part of a group of 20 other beautiful Latina beauty/lifestyle bloggers who will be working alongside with Dove and Latina Bloggers Connect to promote luminous skin. I'm honestly so honored to be part of this group. I'm going to get the chance to share my experience with Dove's Clear Tone Anti-Perspirant which is designed not only to reduce red and dark marks on your skin, but also even skin tone resulting from shaving irritation. If you suffer from underarm irritation as a result of shaving then you're among 32 million women in the U.S. who has experienced this, and I'm definitely one of those women. There will be an series of fun posts and social media activities coming ahead like tomorrow's #MujerDove Twitter Party and also a giveaway!

Wish List #2: Green With Envy

Coat Envy

So I've been online window shopping and seeing all these amazing coats, shoes, and fall makeup has made me green with envy. I literally want everything! I want every coat that I see, every lipstick that has my name written all over it, and every metallic shoe that I can find. I've divided my envies into four different categories: coats, shoes, accessories, and makeup. So if you're interested to find what I'm lusting after for just continue reading.

Tutorial | 10 Halloween Nail Art Ideas

Halloween is literally just around the corner so it was time to unleash my creative juices and create a a nail art tutorial. But I wasn't content with just coming up with one idea, so I challenged myself and came up with 10 nail art ideas! I've created 10 simple Halloween nail art that pretty much everyone can do. They are extremely easy to replicate and all you'll need are nail polish colors that you probably already have, a nail art polish ($1.80 at Forever 21), and a mechanical pencil (or dotting tool). You can either pick your favorite design and just do that on all your nails, or rock mismatched nails like I did.

Face of the Day | Natural Look with Navy Blue Lashes

If you saw my latest haul then you know how I was suckered in by the new Maybelline The Colossal Volum' Express Smokey Eyes Mascara in Blue Blaze (that's a ridiculously long name). I was intrigued by the idea of a blue mascara since I've never tried a colored mascara on myself. I honestly didn't know what kind of effect this would give me so I decided to keep my face fairly natural just in case it happened to be an obnoxious blue.

Review | Abba Texturizing Cream

I've mentioned this little product right here in a couple of videos such as Products for Pixie Cuts and my July Favorites but I've never actually done a review on it. This has been my go-to hair product ever since I got my pixie cut back in May so you know it's good. This product will not only work on women with pixie cuts, but also women who have bobs and of course men.

Halloween Tutorials | David Bowie/Ziggy Stardust

I've been a David Bowie fan since I was a kid all thanks to my dad who's a big music fan. My dad introduced me to 1970s glam rockers when I was just a toddler and there was something about how flamboyant the singers were that really caught my attention. Ziggy Stardust in particular is extremely interesting because David Bowie really pushed the boundaries of sexuality by creating this extraterrestrial glam rocker alter ego. I decided to recreate this look which was Ziggy's signature look, the one with the thunderbolt across the face is not Ziggy but another alter ego named Aladdin Sane. Enough chit chat and let's get on to this glam rock look that will have people asking if you're from another planet.