What's on my iPhone?

Since this video really doesn't have to do with fashion nor beauty I just decided to upload both a random post and a beauty post this Tuesday. Check out my video to find out what my favorite iPhone apps are!

My top 10 favorite iPhone apps:
  1. Twitter
  2. Instagram
  3. Google Chrome
  4. Yelp
  5. Words With Friends
  6. Picfx
  7. Pandora
  8. 9Gag
  9. Word Reference
  10. Lose It!
Hope you guys enjoy the video and if you want me to do a specific tag just let me know in the comments!

Have a great day.

First Impression | Lush Butterball bath bomb

Can I start the post  by saying how happy I am that Lush finally has a store in San Diego? I've honestly been waiting for them to open down here for years but now that they're here this could potentially be bad for my bank account. I haven't tried too many Lush products because when it comes to bath products, I really want to be able to smell things before buying them. The Butterball bath bomb is the first time I've ever tried a Lush bath bomb. To see more about the bath bomb and whether I liked it or not, keep on reading.

Face of the Day | Red Lips

For today's face of the day I decided to keep the makeup simple and once again and focus on the lips. I love a good red lipstick and this Elf matte lipstick is AMAZING! I bought it back in November and it has quickly become one of my all-time favorite red lipsticks. Keep reading the blog post so you can find out how to recreate this simple look using all drugstore products.

Outfit of the day | China Doll

When I first saw this shirt at Forever 21 back in early November I absolutely loved the pattern because it reminded me of a China plate. Since the weather was pretty much perfect this weekend and I didn't need to cover up much, I decided to pull it out of my closet and wear it for my first outfit of the day.

Mail time! | Sibu Beaty on Hautelook

As soon as I heard my chow chow, Buster, barking yesterday afternoon I knew that the UPS guy was coming with my Hautelook package. When I saw how big the package was I instantly knew that it was all the Sibu Beauty products I had ordered. I'm so excited to show you what I got from Sibu Beauty!

Face of the day | Bordeaux lips

I decided to match my lips to my Bordeaux colored American Apparel Piqué shirt (which I own in 4 colors because they're incredibly comfortable). I decided to keep the rest of the face pretty neutral because I wanted the lips to be the star of the look. Another thing I did, was use some of the products I bought back in Paris. I had honestly forgot how lovely the Deborah Milano blush is and how it creates a nice flushed look. Alright, enough talking and let's get down to business!

Tutorial | Five product face

For my first venture back into beauty videos I decided to keep things simple and do an easy look using only five products. For those who can't afford having many makeup products investing in multi-purpose products is the key. Matte or cream lipsticks (basically anything without shimmer or glitter) make amazing cream blushes! A good foundation can also act as a concealer when layer up. And things such as bronzer and highlight can be used as eye shadows. Heck, even a good shimmery eye shadow like Stila's Kitten could be used as a highlight!

Hopefully this video will show you how to create a full look with only 5 products. While this look is nothing special, it can easily be transformed into a bold look by switching the brown eyeliner and mascara to black, making the eyeliner thicker, creating a smokey eye with the eyeliner, or by adding the lipstick straight from the bullet.

This is the first blog post

What a creative title, right? I'm all about being super creative with my titles, and by creative I mean pretty lame titles. When it comes to my posts its what's on the inside that counts, a.k.a. the content.

Maybe I should start off introducing myself....

Hi, I'm Laura Neuzeth and I am a girl with girly interests such as makeup and fashion. I'm not a pink girl so it'll be rare occassion if you see me in pink. The only pink I can handle is pink blush and lipstick.