First Impression | Lush Butterball bath bomb

Can I start the post  by saying how happy I am that Lush finally has a store in San Diego? I've honestly been waiting for them to open down here for years but now that they're here this could potentially be bad for my bank account. I haven't tried too many Lush products because when it comes to bath products, I really want to be able to smell things before buying them. The Butterball bath bomb is the first time I've ever tried a Lush bath bomb. To see more about the bath bomb and whether I liked it or not, keep on reading.

According to the Lush website the Butterball bath bomb is intended for people with dry skin because it is extremely hydrating.The bath bomb is vanilla scented but I didn't find the scent to be so overpowering which is good because my problem with vanilla is that it sometimes comes off as way too sweet, almost like cake frosting. The website also claims that you'll get chunks of creamy cocoa butter, which I honestly didn't see. All I saw in the water were little clusters of oil instead of chunks, but boy was Lush not kidding when they said that this bath bomb is moisturizing! I swear my whole body was silky soft after the bath, my skin felt so smooth that I almost slipped in my bathtub when I wanted to get up. But I have to make it clear that your skin is left moisturized, not oily! Perhaps it would feel oily if you used the whole bath bomb at once though. To split the bath bomb in half you simply put a small flat screw driver in the gap and whack it with your hand once and it should just split in half. Check out the close up of the Butterball bath bomb and how it fizzes in the water below!
Would I repurchase it? No, at least not right away because I want to try some of the other bath bombs. I could see myself repurchasing it in the future though. I can see this bath bomb working wonders on people that have to deal with colder climates since a harsh winter can really dry up your skin. Overall I was very pleased with the product and it definitely left me wanting to try out more Lush bath bombs.

If you've tried Lush bath bombs, which ones do you recommend?
What other Lush products do you swear by?


  1. I just had a Lush store open up closer to me. I was so happy when i found out. I'm very particular with scents thought. I'm not much of a vanilla or lavender kinda gal but lately my skin has been so dry. :( I will have to look into getting this. Unfortunately, I don't have a bath tub :( waaaa! lol I'll just have to borrow someones tub haha. Thanks for sharing! I'm a new follower :)

    1. I'm the same way as you when it comes to scents. I am really not a fan of vanilla scents but the scent in this wasn't too strong. They might have another moisturizing bath bomb or since you don't have a bath tub maybe someone at Lush can recommend a massage bar. I've heard those are incredibly moisturizing. :)

      Thank you for following my blog and have a great day!