This is the first blog post

What a creative title, right? I'm all about being super creative with my titles, and by creative I mean pretty lame titles. When it comes to my posts its what's on the inside that counts, a.k.a. the content.

Maybe I should start off introducing myself....

Hi, I'm Laura Neuzeth and I am a girl with girly interests such as makeup and fashion. I'm not a pink girl so it'll be rare occassion if you see me in pink. The only pink I can handle is pink blush and lipstick.

Let me start with my makeup story. I started wearing makeup around middle school which meant mostly applying glitter and lip gloss. It wasn't until high school where I started getting into foundation, mascara, and blush. I had to learn how to apply strong stage makeup when I joined the beginning dance class at school because I didn't want to take P.E.. While my skills as a dancer didn't improve in the slightest bit, my interest in makeup grew a lot. Around senior year is when I discovered YouTube. The first YouTubers I started following were itsjudytime and AllThatGlitters21. Thanks to them I learned how to properly apply my makeup even though I was still going for pretty neutral looks. This picture is me being a dork during a San Diego Padres event. As you can see there's nothing much going on except a clean and shine free face and eyeliner.

Once I got into college is when I started experimenting- with makeup that is. I began following YouTubers like xSparkage and Pixiwoo who inspired me to wear bold colors. I would rock sky blue eye shadow to school or bright orange lips with absolutely not shame whatsoever. Everyday I would go to school was a chance for me to experiment with my makeup. The picture on the left was taken before we left to my dad's birthday dinner. As you can see, I really liked experimenting with colors and making the crease very dark. I was also very much into natural lips at the time.

Last school year (2011-2012) I was fortunate enough to go study abroad in Paris. The whole experience prompted me to create my study abroad blog called De San Diego à Paris in order to share my experiences and tips with other study abroad students. During my year in Paris I really learned to tone down my makeup and experiment with lip colors. It was also in Paris where I learned more about skin care because France is the land of skincare after all! Not only did I learn to tone down my makeup but also style. Before I was very much into colors both on my face and my body but I learned how to appreciate the basics such as a good pair of trousers or a simple button down.

Now that I've been back in States for a couple months my style and makeup haven't changed much. I still like keeping things simple and if I want to go bold I will just wear a bold lip color. I also ditched the long hair as soon as I came back which felt very liberating to me. Also being a lazy ass, having short hair proved to be very good decision since it doesn't take a while to style or straighten. My style continues to be very casual and simple. I often wear button downs or plain shirts and high waisted pants.

I consider myself a student of life. I am still learning to express myself through my clothes, makeup and actions. I want other awkward and dorky girls to hopefully see me as an example, as well my personal growth as I embark into this beauty/fashion blogger chapter of my life.

Thank you very much for checking out my blog and hope you enjoy it!

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