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I have been waiting for this package to arrive ever since I made the purchase about a week ago. I ordered some jewelry from Shop Lately right after watching Mallory's February Favorites video. She replied to my comment and told me how the pieces are extremely affordable so I decided to go check out the website and you know what? The pieces are very affordable. There are a lot of pieces that are less than $10 which is great!

 For those who don't know about Shop Lately, its almost as if Etsy and a flash sale website like Hautelook had a baby. Shop Lately is an accessories only website where designers can sell jewelry and other accessories and where us as the consumer can buy unique pieces. The site is updated daily so you're bound to find some great accessories at an amazing price whenever you log on.

I made my first two jewelry purchases in the Glint & Gleam shop on Shop Lately. If you're a fan of gold, like I am, then you'll find some great pieces at their shop. A lot of their pieces are less than $15, which makes them extremely affordable. When I saw that my purchase came in this box I knew this was website was legit. The sellers really seem put the time and effort to make their presentation look nice and polished.
Once I opened the box I was surprised once again when I saw the items I had ordered protected by two thick foam padding. I honestly have never received anything in the mail with this much padding but I was very happy to see that the items I ordered were treated as if they were something very expensive. I also loved how nicely the items were displayed! I was honestly so happy with how great presentation was, it literally put a huge smile on my face.
The first item I wanted to pick up were knuckle rings. I've been fan of knuckle rings for a while but I just hadn't been able to find ones that didn't seem like they would lose their shape in a day. A simple search on the website lead me to these ones and the Glint & Gleam shop. These rings are definitely very sturdy when compared to the ones I've seen at Forever 21. I also love how thick the bands are. Don't get me wrong, I love dainty pieces, but these are a lot more bold which I like. The rings I got were 2 in 1 knuckle ring in gold ($9) which are currently sold out but I'm hoping that they will go back on sale soon so those of you that liked the rings can go get them.
Talking about dainty pieces, the next item I got was the tiny triangles necklace ($6). The necklace is very minimal and has a delicate but sturdy wire which provides the necklace with its round shape. I'm also very happy with this piece. I love how small the triangles because let's be honest sometimes triangles come off as very obnoxious or hipster. I'm thinking of wearing this necklace with my button downs so only the triangles are visible.
Much to my surprise the owner threw in a free pair of triangle studs. If I'm not mistaken these are the same triangles that the necklace has. The earrings are just adorable, and I'm so glad they're studs because I tend to wear studs more than any other type of earrings. Unfortunately these earrings are not listed on their shop but they do have similar earrings like the sophisticated angle studs ($6.50).

Overall I am extremely happy with my Shop Lately/ Glint & Gleam purchase. I would definitely purchase some more pieces on Shop Lately in the near future. I would like to give you a piece of advice, the shipping will be cheaper if you buy multiple pieces from the same shop. If you buy pieces from different sellers you're basically paying shipping to each Shop Lately shop.

You can join Shop Lately by clicking on my referral link: HERE
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Hope you enjoyed this post and look for these pieces making an appearance on future outfit of the day posts.

Disclaimer: The jewelry was bought with my own money except for the studs which were a complete surprise to me. By clicking the referral link I earn $5 credit and you earn $5 credit. Once you become a member you'll be able to invite your friends and family and also start earning Shop Lately credit for yourself.


  1. Those are super cute. I love dainty jewelry with a lot of character... and unique too!


    1. Most of my necklaces are very bold so it was great finding some cute dainty jewelry. I think this is the beginning of my dainty jewelry collection. lol

  2. Love, love, love that jewelry! The geometric touches and delicate pieces are amazing :)


    1. The pieces looked so cute online but in person they're even better. :)