Nails of the Day | Matte Nails for Spring

I have a little obsession with both matte and pastel colors so this polish satisfies both of my obsessions. While its not green as the bottle suggests, I still adore the color. I would say this is very similar to the Tiffany blue and while I'm not a Tiffany's type of girl I do love a nice blue blue polish on my nails ...

Nail Polish: Matte Green 7 by Urban Outfitters (similar)

How do you feel about matte polishes in the spring?
What are your favorite nail polish colors for spring?


  1. I love matt nails! I've just found out how to DIY it though...corn flour! Can't afford more polishes atm :( haha!
    Erica xo

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    1. I saw that DIY trick too but I'm too lazy to be mixing things. Lol I just buy the top matte coat from N.Y.C. which is very cheap. It honestly works just as good as the Essie one which I bought last year. :)