Review | Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Definition Mascara

While I was living in Paris I got the opportunity to try some Bourjois products and I fell in love with the Volume Glamour Max Waterproof Mascara so when I saw the Volume Glamour Max Definition Mascara launch during my time there I decided to pick it up and take it back home with me. I bought the mascara thinking that it would be much like the Glamour Max Waterproof (which became my favorite mascara of all time) and a couple of French beauty gurus raved about this new version, unfortunately I found this mascara to be pretty disappointing. 

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Now the first thing that makes this mascara different from the waterproof version is the brush. This mascara has a rubber brush much like the Covergirl Lash Blast but what distinguishes it are the bristles. The bristles in this Bourjois mascara are much thinner and closer together. The brush probably resembles Benefit's They're Real Mascara the most because like the Benefit mascara, the tip of the brush also has bristles and is able to reach the inner corner and outer corner perfectly. While the mascara does live up to the "definition" part of its name, my problem with this mascara is the formula and the fact that it is not create much volume. The mascara does define the lashes very well and there is very little clumping but it really does a horrible job holding the curl and making the lashes look thicker. I can curl my lashes and within an hour or two my lashes will lose the curl completely. It is horrible! I know waterproof mascara holds the curl a lot better but I honestly didn't expect for a mascara to just do that within the first two hours. For volume, I feel like this mascara is not good for volume whatsoever. I would actually consider this a good mascara for defining and lengthening but definitely not volume. I'll go as far to say that the "volume" part of the name is very misleading.

As for the smudging test, it does a decent job- I haven't noticed any significant flaking or smudging under the eyes. Although the mascara is not waterproof nor a fiber mascara, it does take a little effort to remove it with a makeup remover. I've noticed that when I don't use makeup remover it tends to not come off completely.

I really wish this mascara was available in a waterproof formula because it honestly does a great job separating your lashes but the formula is just bad when it comes to longevity. I can see this mascara possibly working on those with shorter lashes but if you have long lashes like me all this mascara is going to do is separate then weigh your lashes down. 

Check out some macro shots of the brush and how it looks on my lashes below.

(I only applied it to the top lashes, the bottom lashes were left bare.)
 I honestly regret not buying a Volume Glamour Max Waterproof mascara to take back home with me because that was honestly the best mascara that I've ever used and it is sadly not available in the United States. :'(

 I give this mascara a 6/10 and I have no intentions of ever repurchasing it, unless they come up with a waterproof version.

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  1. Great review! I love how you went into detail and explained why you didn't like it!

    1. Thanks Sara. :) I'm glad you enjoyed the review!

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