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Back on my "mail time!" post I mentioned how the Sibu Beauty face and body bar had completely changed my skin so I got asked to write a more in depth review about my holy grail skin care product. Now that I finished my third bar and was finally able to open a new box, I'm ready to explain why I am head over heels about this $7 bar of soap.
 First of all let me start off by letting you all know what type of skin I have. I have extremely oily, sensitive, and acne prone skin. In high school I was able to use pretty much any cleanser from the drugstore but in more recent years products from Clean & Clear, Clearasil, and Garnier have either caused irritation on my skin or have done absolutely nothing for it.

I first heard about Sibu Beauty about 2 years ago when I was watching one of Michele1218's videos. She's very into natural, sulfate free, and paraben free products and while I'm really not passionate about any of those things, I was very intrigued when she started going into detail on how the product had changed her skin. I wanted to try the bar for the longest time but then I left to France and I wasn't going to order an American product and have it shipped overseas, so I decided to just wait till I came back home to try it. Good thing I waited because dealing with reverse culture shock, stress, and severe change in weather made my skin go crazy! It was getting oilier than usual which translated into more blemishes and with blemishes come post-acne marks... You know the drill, its not fun to have break outs and especially when you are pale because your post-acne marks can sometimes be even worse the having a zit.

One day when my mom and I were just browsing the beauty aisle at Sprouts Market I saw that they had some Sibu Beauty products so I decided to buy the face and body bar. I am not even kidding, within a week or two I saw huge improvements. My skin looked smoother, brighter, clearer, and most importantly it wasn't getting as oily.

According to Sibu's website this soap is supposed to clean and condition the skin, act as a natural astringent, and revitalize skin cells. The product is intended to be for all skin types and is 100% natural. Although Sibu does not claim to clear up acne that is exactly what the product did for me. I don't have really bad acne but when I do get acne its usually around my jaw right before I get my period. I also mentioned how it helped brighten my skin, while I'm not sure which ingredient did caused that I think the reason why I saw those results is because the bar really does revitalize your skin cells. I also use the soap on my chest area since that has to be the most sensitive area of my body. That area will break out or become extremely red if I use any other body wash and with the Sibu bar it has finally cleared up that area completely so I feel comfortable wearing a tank top or a lower cut shirt.

As for the bar itself, it is a really warm taupe color with specks of dark brown. The bar does have a light citrus-y smell but its nothing too obnoxious, so those who are sensitive to smell can calm down. As I mentioned the bar does have specks of brown which I suspect is part of the sea buckthorn berry, but it is in no way abrasive. With a little water, the bar lathers up to a very thick and rich foam. What I usually do is rub the bar on my face and my chest area first, and then using my fingers I massage the product into my skin and then rinse. Warning: this product literally leaves your face squeaky clean! This is good for those of us with oily skin, but it might not be good for those with dry skin. My mother who has dry skin tried the bar and she told me how it left her skin even dryer than usual, so take that as your warning if you have dry skin.

I have not been using the bar for about 2 weeks now because I am currently testing the a Lush cleanser (review will be up soon) and boy can I tell the difference! My skin is looking bumpy and just looking pretty dull. I'm just waiting for this Lush sample to run out so I can go back to using the bar on my face.

Below will be some product close ups and pictures of my skin when I'm using the bar and when I'm not.

My face when I use the bar.
My face when I don't use it. It is nothing extremely noticeable but I'm sure you can see how bumpier my skin looks in comparison to the picture above.
 Would I recommend this product? If you can't tell from this review that would be a big, fat- YESSSS!!! I am in love with this product and the fact that it costs less than $10 makes this extremely affordable. The bar will last you about 2 or 3 months, depending on how often you use it. Sibu Beauty does go on sale on Hautelook once in a while and when they do you can get 3 bars of soap for $12! Talk about a steal! I'll make sure to let you guys know when Sibu Beauty is going to go on sale on Hautelook so you can take advantage of that amazing deal.

 Hope you enjoyed the review!

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