Meeting Phoenix

I know not many know but I'm a contributor on the Tumblr page ilovephoenix. Its been something that I've been a part of for three years now which is crazy and what's crazier is that Phoenix know about the site. I was fortunate to see them yesterday at a little private show at the KROQ studio in Los Angeles and even more fortunate to be able to talk to them. I wrote a little more about it on ilovephoenix so click here if you're interested.

Have any of you had the chance to meet your favorite band/artist?
If so share your story below, I would love to hear about them!
Also if you do like Phoenix, what's your favorite Phoenix song?


  1. in love with this post, and your whole entire blog in general.

    lots of love from the casper&pearl girls – a little Aussie fashion brand
    casper&pearl blog

    1. Thank you very much! :) And thanks for checking out my blog.

  2. I love Phoenix, too! I first heard about them when my hubby and I went to Paris on our honeymoon back in 2007. How awesome that you got to meet them!


    1. That's around the same time I started listening to them too. :D I've met them a couple times now so I'm able to have a normal conversation with them now. They're amazing people and very thankful for their fans.