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As you may have seen on Twitter or on my previous outfit of the day post, I spent my spring break with my friends up in Orange County and Long Beach. In order to be able to write a good review about each product I had to test them out for a couple days so I basically took all the Neutrogena products with me on spring break. After testing them out even on harsh conditions like my trip to Six Flags Magic Mountain, I think I can now give you my honest opinion about each and every product.

I've used the Make-Up Remover Cleansing Towelettes* in the past so I was already familiar with this product. The wipes really live up to the claims! They are super soft and really do remove everything without leaving an oily residue. What I also love about the wipes is that they don't have an overbearing scent and they won't irritate your skin. If you're looking for good drugstore make-up removing wipes, I highly recommend these ones. Now on the other hand we have the Oil-Free Cleansing Wipes* which I had a problem with. I like many other people use wipes out of convenience (or sheer laziness). Sometime you just don't want to remove your makeup and wash your face, so when that happens one reaches out for wipes, the problem with these wipes are that they are not meant to remove makeup so in reality you would be using either two different wipes or washing your face to remove the makeup and then using these wipes- either way it doesn't make much sense. Another thing I found odd was the smell. It honestly smells more like celery and parsley than grapefruit, and the smell lingers on your face for a good 15 minutes. If you're one that is sensitive to smell I would recommend you not to purchase these since the smell is very strong. Although these wipes didn't work for me I could see them working very well for those that like to work out at gyms and just want to wipe away all the sweat.
I'm very familiar with the Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock* after using it for many years. I normally buy the SPF 100 version when I go to Coachella and for the really hot summers in San Diego, but this one is just as good. Neutrogena sunblocks are my holy grail sunblocks because they've honestly kept me from getting sunburned and aren't too oily like most sunblocks. You can use this sunblock on your body and face which is great because you'll save money. If you have oily skin applying the sunblock on your face will make it a little oilier but its nothing that applying makeup and powder right after won't take care of. As I said before, if Neutrogena sunblocks can survive Coachella or a trip to Six Flags then you can rest assured that it will do a superb job protecting your skin on a day-to-day basis.
When I saw these products in the package I was really excited to test them out because its like if they made it just for me. I have really oily skin so I know how annoying it is to apply makeup and having to blot about 3 or 4 times during the day. I'm very happy to say that I love all these products! The Shine Control Primer* comes off as white (almost like glue) but blends in effortlessly into the skin. I tried it both with the Shine Control Makeup* and other foundations and it made the foundations glide on my skin so smoothly and also helped to extend the wear of the foundation. Now for the foundation, I love it! Plain and simple. It is a very thick foundation so it'll give you medium to full coverage. Being a shine control product it does have a matte finish which is perfect for me. I will say that this foundation clings on to dry patches like crazy though. Another thing I didn't like too much about the packaging was that it doesn't have a pump. Pumps are more convenient and hygienic but I won't complain much because the product itself is great. And finally for the Shine Control Powder*. It is a translucent powder which will once again provide you with a matte finish. I love how this powder didn't cake up at all and it went on so smoothly to the point that I couldn't tell if I was applying product or not. The Shine Control range claims to give you 8 hours of shine control and while I don't think it gave me the full 8 hours I can easily say that my face didn't feel oily for like 6 hours. I went from needing to blot my face 3 or 4 times a day to just once which is a huge difference if you have really oily skin like me. I know the products are not as affordable as other drugstore products so if I had to choose one product to buy it would be the powder. That powder applied just as well or even better than the MAC Blot Powder in my opinion. It had such a luxurious feel to it which is kind of rare for drugstore powders.
I am a sucker for eye products so I was very excited to try both of the eye products in the package. I was excited to try the Crease Proof Eye Shadow* but it was by far the most disappointing product. I just felt like it did not live up to the claim. It creased on me within 2 hours and the color looked chalky on my pale skin so I wouldn't want to imagine how chalky it would look on darker complexions. I did try it as an eyeshadow base and it did a better job. I would advice you to rub the product on your finger and then using your finger to apply it because if you use it like a lipstick then you'll most likely apply too much product and it will crease on you. Despite being advertised as an eye shadow, I strongly believe it should be used as a base before applying powder eye shadow. The most surprising product in the package was the Healthy Lengths Mascara*. I normally just buy voluminous mascaras because I want my lashes to look as big as possible but this mascara despite being a lengthening mascara it gave me decent volume. Now while my lashes didn't look fake they did look longer and fuller. I loved the mascara because its versatile, you can apply one coat for a natural look or 3 coats and get a full and voluminous look. Another thing I loved was the brush. It is thin and long which is ideal for lengthening and it made the product apply like a dream. There were no clumps whatsoever! I brought another mascara with me but I ended up using this everyday because it is honestly that great. If this mascara already doesn't sound too good to be true, it also did not flake on me and held the curl rather well. It was definitely a stand out product for me and one that I would highly recommend.
The last product I'll be talking about is Moisture Smooth Color Stick* in Sweet Watermelon. Let me start off by saying that this shade of pink is something that I will probably never go for. I just don't like milky pink shades on me but apart from me not liking the shade the product itself is amazing. It is honestly one of the smoother and most moisturizing chubby sticks out there. This is not a lip stain like the Revlon or Tarte one but despite not being a lip stain it does have good longevity. It also has a very lovely fruity scent which I really liked. I will probably buy at least one of the darker shades because the formula is really nice. Again this has the feel of a high end product but for a drugstore price.

Overall I really enjoyed getting to try all these Neutrogena products, especially the makeup items since I had never tried any Neutrogena makeup products. I know Neutrogena is one of the priciest drugstore brands so if I were to recommend only three products they would be the Healthy Lengths Mascara, the Shine Control Powder, and the Moisture Smooth Color Stick.

Have you tried Neutrogena beauty products? If not, which products would you like to try out?
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Have a great weekend everyone!

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and Neutrogena and I will be compensated for it. Just because I received these products for free does not mean that it will affect my thoughts and opinions about them. If you want to know more about my honesty policy, click here to read my full disclaimer

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