Style Inspiration | Thomas Mars

Hi everyone! I want to introduce a new series of fashion posts where I'll be taking inspiration from a musician, actress/actor, or another high profile person and creating a whole look inspired by their style on Polyvore.

The first look is inspired by the lead singer of my favorite French band, Phoenix. The reason why I love Thomas Mars' style is also the reason why I love how French men dress. I can tell that Thomas doesn't put that much effort into his style since most of the things in his wardrobe are great and simple basics, but he comes off as a well put together guy compared to other guys that absolutely put no effort and just step out their house in basketball shorts and a wife beater. Thomas' style is casual, toned down, and very French. I've taken some of his trademark pieces like his infamous blue shirt and added some femininity to it. I've also added some beauty and perfume options that I believe match the overall look.

Thomas Mars
Thomas Mars by neuzeth
To see the list of items and cheaper options, click on read more.

Cheaper option: Forever 21 $19.80

Acne colorful jeans  
Cheaper option: BDG jeans $58

Wedge heels
$35 - 
Other option: $28.80

Leather handbag 
Other option: Cooperative Bag $34.00

Zara braided belt 
Cheaper option: Forever 21 $4.80

Bed Head by TIGI beauty product
$39 -
Cheaper option: Garnier Fructis Style Mess Maker $4.99

Hope you enjoyed the post! I'll be seeing them on Wednesday so hopefully I'll have some cool picture to share with you all.