Tutorial | Vintage Rose Nails

Hello everyone, hope you're all having a great week so far. Today I have a nail art tutorial to share with you inspired by spring! Its very easy to recreate and you don't need any specialty nail  brushes.

What you will need
Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield Base & Top Coat
H&M nail polish in On Ice
Color Club nail lacquer in Pardon My French
Amarican Apparel nail lacquer in Rose Bowl
Orly nail lacquer in Terra Mauve
Orly nail lacquer in Enchanted Forest
Orly Prisma Gloss Gold (as a top coat)
Small dotting tool or toothpicks

You can use any colors that you want to recreate this so don't feel like you need to run out to the store to buy any of the nail polishes I used. You can also make the flowers a different color, have a different color base, etc.
 Apply base coat on all your nails and let it dry. I used the Sally Hansen Ultimate Shield Base & Top Coat which is amazing! It honestly makes whatever nail polish you put on top last a long time. I wouldn't recommend it as a top coat though.
Apply the base color. Depending on how opaque the color is you might have to add a second coat but surprisingly this cheap H&M nail polish from the Disney Collection is very opaque so I only did one coat.
This step is completely optional if you don't really like having an accent nail but if you do, get another shade of polish and paint one or two coats. I put on two coasts of the Color Club nail lacquer in Pardon My French which is a great color for French manicures. And just so you know I do like the name quite a bit because I'm a French major.
Time to create the roses! I used American Apparel nail lacquer in Rose Bowl which was totally unintentional. With the nail polish brush just dab on some blobs. They will look weird but don't worry about it, they will look better in a bit. Also don't worry about being perfect with these, as you can see I wasn't trying to make them all the same shape or size. Remember to let these completely dry before you move on to the next step.
To create the lines and petal details I'm going to be using a small dotting tool but toothpicks will work just fine. Try to outline the blob with the darker shade, I used the Orly nail lacquer in Terra Mauve. Now this requires a bit of a steady hand but once again don't worry about being perfect. Once you've outlined the flower, its time to create the petals. Put a little dot in the middle to guide you and then just create one, two, or three little curved lines around it. And that's it, you're now done with the hardest part of the tutorial!
Now time to create the leaves! You can do as many as you want but I just stuck with two. Once again use your dotting tool or toothpick to do this. I kind of created a little curved triangle on each side of the rose. Let everything dry completely before the last step.
Since I currently do not have a proper top coat I am using the Orly Prisma Gloss Gold which honestly does the same job as one. Apply one or two coats of the top coat to just seal your design into place, if the top coat is good one then it should make your manicure last a good couple of days.
And that's it! You now have a really cute vintage rose inspired nail art.

I hope you enjoyed this type of tutorial and please let me know if you have any requests. If you recreate this nail art let me know on Twitter so I can RT your take on it, my username is @LauraNeuzeth.

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Wow, you did a great job with this, Laura! The detail work is amazing and the step-by-step tutorial was super helpful! xo