Outfit of the Day | Graduation

I am finally done with my undergraduate degree! If you can't tell by how often I tweet and Instagram something about Paris or France, I majored in French and Francophone Studies and minored in European Studies from SDSU. These past five years haven't been easy but I enjoyed them. If you want to read more about what life as a French and Francophone Studies major was like just read my blog post on my study abroad blog. For the special occasion I decided to go with my school colors, because... why not? Might as well go out looking good.

Location- San Diego State University
Dress- Zara
Shoes- H&M
Bracelets- H&M
Nails- Fishnet Stockings by Essie
Lips- Avon Ultra Color Rich lipstick in Incredible
What am I going to do now that I graduated? Well only time will tell but I will make sure to keep busy because my goal is to eventually emigrate and work in France. I want congratulate all the graduates out there and if you're in high school I wish you the best of luck in college. Enjoy your college career and learn as much as you can, before you know it you'll be graduating with your bachelors degree.

Have a great day everyone! And congratulations to the class of 2013! 


  1. congratulations on such a huge accomplishment! love the dress <3

  2. Congratulations!! :) My graduation is still a couple years off but I can't wait. And I love that dress. It's a great color on you. :)

    1. Thanks Jen! You'll get there soon I swear. These next few years are just going to fly by.

  3. I love your outfit, and your blog! And congratulations! I can't wait to graduate in a few months!

    Followed. I can't wait for more posts.

    Beauty Baroness ☮♥

  4. Thank you very much for the compliment and following. Hope to see you around in the comments. :)

  5. Oh my goodness, congratulations! That dress is just so pretty!


  6. Wow, you clever girl! Go you! :-)

    Great pictures, great outfit, and it was posted on my birthday - even better! haha :-)

    thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you so much! :) Happy belated birthday by the way.

      I checked out your blog and it looks very cool so I followed.

      Have a great day.