Shop my closet with Poshmark!

Shop my Poshmark closet
A few weeks back I got the chance to attend the "Sunshine Style" Posh Party at the W Hotel here in San Diego which was hosted by one of my favorite San Diego bloggers, Paulina from Lil Bits of Chic. The event itself was very fun and I loved getting the chance to meet other bloggers from San Diego. I also got to learn more about the Poshmark app from users and Maria Morales from the popular blog Kitties + Couture who works for Poshmark.

After learning how the app works and having the worst time selling back items at Buffalo Exchange I decided to give Poshmark a chance. I've started listing items this week in hopes to earn money that will be used to buy a new camera so I can make better YouTube videos. I have jewelry, tops, dresses, and skirts. Some items are new and others are gently used. Please feel free to look through my closet and if you like something I could definitely negotiate a price for my blog readers.
With Eunice from Eglamstyle. Photo credit: Poshmark Facebook
If you're looking for a place to sell your clothes and have had bad luck trying to sell them on eBay or Buffalo Exchange then maybe you should give Poshmark a shot.

Disclaimer: I am not affeliated with Poshmark and I'm not getting paid for this blog post. The app is free on the App Store and is currently available only for iPhone/iPad users.


  1. Yay! So happy to have you on Poshmark. Thanks again for making it out to our party in San Diego - was so lovely to meet you.

    See you in the app!


    1. Thanks for hosting a party in San Diego! It was so much fun. :) I hope to see you soon.

  2. Thank you for sharing this Poshmark App! It seems like a very helpful app to sell items that we don't use in our closet. :-)

    1. You're welcome. So far I've sold two things and I look forward to selling more stuff. It seems like a great way to clean out your closet.