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Warby Parker week is now coming to a close and what better way to wrap things up than to review their Home Try-On Program? Want to hear about more about the company and how you can try on glasses at home? If so click below to read my in-depth review about Warby Parker and their Home Try-On Program.

The company
First of all I would like to introduce to you the wonderful company that is Warby Parker. The brand was created as an alternative to the overpriced and bland eyewear currently out there on the market. The owners and creators of Warby Parker believe that unique eyewear should not cost over $300, which is an ideology that I really admire. Why should you pay over $300 for prescription glasses? I mean having less than perfect eyesight is already enough of a punishment and then you have to add check-ups, eyeglasses, eyeglass cleaner, and everything else to the mix? Well that's downright cruel! As a recent graduate, I just can't pay over $200 for eyeglass frames, and I also don't want to pay $50 for a mediocre pair of frames that will break in a couple of months. It's almost like you can't win as an eyeglass wearer, but Warby Parker is here to change all of that. Warby Parker is changing more than just the price of glasses. For every pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses purchased, Warby Parker will provide a pair of glasses to someone in need. Now that is a very rare thing and I truly admire companies that go above and beyond to help those in need.
Design and Materials
Warby Parker frames are very unique when compared to other companies and websites. When I was looking at their selection, I was in awe of all the different styles and colors that the frames come in. Warby Parker carefully develops their collections so that they can be both contemporary and refined. A lot of their styles are vintage inspired but with a contemporary edge. The frames are made from custom cellulose acetate and ion-plated titanium which is produced specifically for the company. What's cellulose acetate to be exact? Well it's a material that is durable enough to maintain its shape with age and can be produced in a variety of colors like the Watts Blue Sapphire. Although Warby Parker frames are not made up of plastic like most frames in the market, they feel very sturdy and definitely not cheap. For those of you who are eco-friendly, you'll be very happy to find out that Warby Parker is a carbon-neutral eyewear brand who are actively working to reduce their environmental impact.

The lenses itself are anti-reflective which is something that will make all glasses wearers very happy. Usually I get charged to make my glasses anti-reflective, so the fact that anti-reflective lenses are the norm with Warby Parker is absolutely great. As a glasses wearer there's nothing worse than having a glare come out when you take pictures, or even worse when you're driving.

Home Try-On Program
Ordering glasses online can be a daunting thing, I know that because I've been through that. I ordered my D&G glasses online and I basically took a risk when I ordered those frames. Well with Warby Parker you don't have to worry about not liking your glasses. Warby Parker lets you try not one, but five glasses FOR FREE! Sounds too good to be true right? It does... but it's most certainly true. All you have to do is pick 5 glasses and instead of clicking "Add to Cart" you click "Add to Home Try-On." That's it! When you have all your 5 eyeglasses or sunglasses picked out, all you need to do is register and add your credit card. You have to add your credit card for security purposes and you will be charged $1, but don't worry you'll get that dollar back within 48 hours of placing your order.

Here's an example of what your order will look like.

Once you place your order it takes just a couple of days to receive the box. I placed my order on a Monday night and I got the Warby Parker box by Thursday afternoon. You have 5 days to try out the glasses and decide which frames you like. The glasses come in a black Warby Parker box and when you open them you find all the glasses placed in slots. The glasses are packaged in plastic bags which have a label so you know which frame you're trying on. I was honestly so impressed with the presentation, it surpassed all my expectations.

Each frame I tried on has its own post so I won't be reviewing each frame here, but after trying on all of the frames I can assure you that all the glasses felt sturdy, comfortable, and definitely looked very stylish. I felt that the frames all looked like they should be a lot more expensive but luckily they aren't. I honestly couldn't believe that the eyeglasses are only $95 WITH a prescription because most companies will charge you for the frames and then extra for the prescription lenses.

Hopefully after 5 days you will have made your decision after trying on all the frames, asking your friends, and posting pictures on Facebook and Instagram. What's the next step? Now all you need to do is go to a UPS location and ship back your box. Warby Parker provides you with a return label so all you have to do is put the frames back into the box it came in, stick the return label on the box, and drop off the package. It's as easy as that!

I was very pleased with the whole experience and since I didn't make up my mind the first time I'm going to repeat the process all over again very soon. My hunt for the perfect frames continues! And for sure they'll be Warby Parker frames. If you're on the market for new eyeglasses or sunglasses then I would highly recommend checking out Warby Parker. You are not going to find another company with the variety of frames that Warby Parker has and great business practices. It is a rare gem in the business world which is why I really support the company.

Do you own Warby Parker glasses? If so which frames? If you don't, which frames would you choose to try on? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: Warby Parker contacted me to try out their Home Try-On Program which is free for every customer. I am not being compensated for this post whatsoever and all opinions are my own.

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