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If you have fair skin like me you know that post-acne marks are sometimes even worse than having acne. No matter what you do it'll be a while till your skin goes back to normal. And to add to that I also have Keratosis Pilaris (most commonly known as chicken skin). When I walking around Walmart I saw the Dermisa Skin Fade Cream in the Mexican/Hispanic health and beauty section and I became intrigued by it. I figured I had nothing to lose with the small price tag, but does this product really work?

As I previously mentioned this product can be found in the Mexican/Hispanic section which is usually across or next to the African American  health and beauty section. The product retails for less than $10 and it comes with quite a bit of product. I bought this about two months ago so I've gotten the chance to really test out the product for a proper review, and I have to say this product is quite a disappointment.

I first decided to test this out on my face where I have some post-acne scaring. The directions say to apply a thin layer on the affected area twice a day so I did that. I would apply it in the afternoon and at night before going to sleep because I certainly didn't want to apply it in the morning and go out with such a high amount of vitamin C on my face. I found it weird that they didn't have a warning because most whitening products do advise you not to wear it if your skin is going to be exposed to direct sunlight. I used it for about two weeks with absolutely no results except break outs. This product made my face become very irritated and produce pimples, so I had to stop using it. I am aware that this product works gradually on the skin but if you're looking for quicker and more efficient results I would suggest using the Mario Badescu Whitening Mask. With that mask you can notice results after the first usage which is pretty amazing, and best thing is that it won't make you break out like this did.

After my face broke out using the Dermisa Skin Fade Cream, I decided to give this a go on my arms where I have the Keratosis Pilaris. If you don't know how that looks like try to imagine hundreds of tiny red dots on your skin or just take a look at this picture. Keratosis Pilaris occurs when the body produces an excess amount of keratin. It's not a serious problem whatsoever, but it's an inconvenience for those who have it like I do. If you want to wear a sleeveless top, then you have to be ok with your arms having red bumps. Well I've been using it on my arms for about a month now and once again I see absolutely no signs of it working. My red bumps are just as red and my burn on my right hand still looks the same. So once again, this just didn't work for me whatsoever.
Another thing about this product that I didn't like is the scent. The cream smells exactly like Nair and it lingers in your skin for a good couple of minutes. If you're going to be using this cream on your face then you'll have to endure walking around with a face that smells like Nair. The cream also does not absorb into the skin easily, it takes some effort to work it into your skin and the whole process just makes the product smell stronger in my opinion.

If you're looking for an effective product to diminish the appearance of post-acne marks and discoloration, this is not the product. A whitening product that I highly recommend is the Mario Badescu Whitening Mask, now that will really give you results that you'll be pleased with.

Have you tried Dermisa? If so what did you think of it. Also if you've tried another good whitening product, please feel free to share your recommendations in the comment section.

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