Bronzers and Contour Shades for Fair Skin

Bronzers for Fair Skin
Picking the right bronzer or contour shade can prove to be a bit difficult for those who have pale or fair skin. Why? Because most bronzers will go on orange on our skin and there can only be one Snooki. I have shared four shades that are not orange and can be used both as a bronzer or contour shade. I will also shade the ultimate bronzer bargain with all of you (*hint* it's by a brand that a lot of use just walk right by at the drugstore).

Contour for Fair Skin
Bourjois Paris Délice de Poudre- Peaux claires/médianes, $11.80
For those who don't speak French, this is the bronzing powder for fair/medium skin tones. This is a cult product in Europe but you don't hear many Americans talking about it because Bourjois is not readily available in the United States anymore (anyone remember when Bourjois was sold at Sephora?). Before we get to the product I know everyone makes a big deal about the packaging because it looks like a chocolate bar. The bronzer itself is shaped like chocolate and it does have sweet smell, almost like cocoa powder with a hint of cinnamon. If you love chocolate then you'll find the packaging absolutely adorable, but if you don't (like me) you'll just look past it and focus on the actual product. Trust a French brand to create a bronzer that will be light enough for us with fair skin. The powder is definitely on the warm side of the spectrum but it does not appear orange on the skin. It is so soft that it will just give you a hint of color and will look very natural on the skin.

Caudalie Teint Divin Mineral Bronzing Powder, $34
Just like the Bourjois, Caudalie is a French brand but they're mostly known for their dry oils and skincare. The bronzer comes in a very sleek and simple packaging with a mirror for those who plan to take this in their purse. I really like to think of this as the luxe version of the Bourjois bronzer because they're both similar in texture, finish, and color but Caudalie has the prestige factor and better ingredients. The bronzer has a very strong fruity perfume scent which I like a lot but I know strong scents aren't for everyone. The color itself is on the warm side once again and although it is a matte product, it does add a very nice glow to the skin. This is more pigmented than the Bourjois bronzer so its important to have a light hand with it, but rest assured that the Caudalie bronzer won't make you look orange either. This has definitely become a bronzer for special occasions with that price tag though.

NYX Blush in Taupe, $9.49 ($6 at Ulta and other beauty supply stores)
It took me a while to hunt this shade down but I finally found it at a local beauty supply store. This is one of the products that is very hyped up by beauty bloggers and YouTubers alike and now I can understand why. This is the best contour shade for fair skin tones, hand down! This is not orange whatsoever and like the name suggest it is in the cooler side of the spectrum. I've only had it for about a week but I've been wearing it so much since the day I purchased it. If you watched my post-acne marks video, I had Taupe as a contour shade. I just adore how versatile this product is and the fact that its completely matte. I can see myself using it as a blush, contour, bronzer, and even as an eyeshadow. This product has the ability to create the most natural and effortless looking shadows on your face. This is honestly something that every girl needs, honestly it is that good.

NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Face Powder, $2.79
This product was not pictured since I currently don't own it, but I've bought it about 4 times during the past 3 years. I first heard about it from the drugstore beauty queen, Emily Noel (Beauty Broadcast), about 3 years ago. She is one of those beauty bloggers that you can definitely trust for great product recommendations, especially when it comes to drugstore beauty products. She mentioned how much she loved the NYC bronzer in Sunny and how it was a great light bronzer in one of her older videos and I immediately went to Target to buy it. It is such an amazing bargain! The bronzer is completely matte and leaves you with a very natural looking glow since it's quite light. It can easily be used as a contour shade as well. I find it very easy to blend, pigmented, and versatile. The packaging is very cheap looking but this is one of the cases that you can't judge a product by its packaging. Highly highly recommend.

Hope you enjoyed this look into a few bronzers and contour shades that will work beautifully for those of us with a lighter skin tone. If you have any recommendations please share them in the comments below.

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