Outside Lands 2013 {PICTURE RECAP}

As you all may know by now, I was away for a couple days because I was in San Francisco for the Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival. The festival was held in beautiful Golden Gate Park this past weekend and included such acts like Paul McCartney, Phoenix, Vampire Weekend, Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. I had an amazing weekend filled with great music, food, and company. I would like to share some of the pictures I took at Outside Lands! Hope all of you enjoy the pictures the vlogs from Outside Lands should be up in a couple of days.

The Outside Lands windmills, where everyone and their mom were taking pictures. Literally, after I took this picture my mom wanted a picture with the windmills behind her.
Here's a little OOTD for ya! Scarf: Nordstrom (old), Jacket: Levi's, Shirt: Zara, Jeans: Roots Canada, Backpack: Urban Outfitters, and Boots: Target
Can't stop won't stop taking selfies because of the flip screen my camera has. For those wondering I'm wearing the Show Off Lip Lacquer in Big Bang.
Chocolate lover? Outside Lands has you covered. Don't like chocolate like me? Well there's a bunch of non-chocolate desserts across the festival. ;)
Ladies and gentlemen, this right here is Wine Lands. There's wines from all regions. Napa Valley? Check. French wines? Check. Italian? CHECK!
The National on the main stage. Second time seeing them and they had a well-known quartet on stage with them.
In the crowd waiting for Paul McCartney. Can you tell how excited I was?
Sir Paul McCartney! This was the 5th time seeing him live and boy was it amazing. He never fails to bring an amazing show. And might I mention that he's a fucking legend? It always blows my mind that I'm seeing a Beatle. Other than being a great performer, Paul is also a great story teller. He kept the audience laughing at all his little stories and jokes in between songs.
 End of day 1 with Paul McCartney and his incredible live band.
Day 2 of Outside Lands called for a lot of endurance. I got to the festival at around 11:30am and waited till 8:40 to see Phoenix in the barrier.
Here's another little OOTD! Jacket: Levi's, Shirt: American Apparel, Pants: American Apparel, Boots: Target, and Backpack: Urban Outfitters.
Here's my fellow derp and BB, Ed Droste from Grizzly Bear. I absolutely love his odd humor. He would point out the randomest things in the crowd like the bro with the pink pool noodle. Its because of people like Ed that I don't censor my weird sense of humor. ~BE YOURSELVES KIDS~
 And finally! Here is my favorite band in the world, Phoenix!
 Thomas Mars rocking the jean jacket version of the Trying To Be Cool jacket.
As usual the lighting during Phoenix's set was a photographer's dream! I took so many pictures during their set and managed to get some amazing shots of Branco's outline during Sunskrupt ! (That's Love Like a Sunset and Bankrupt! together). For more Phoenix pictures check out the Phoenix fansite, ilovephoenix, which I help co-run.
Cédric (Phoenix fans will know who he is) handed me a setlist after a show. I love the fact that even their roadies recognize my face by now. This is the 4th setlist that Cédric has given to me since the Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix tour.
After a rough (but fun) night I decided to take it easy on Sunday. I arrived very late to the festival on Sunday and missed Hall and Oates (sad face) but at least I was able to catch Vampire Weekend's set. They were amazing as usual and like always the crowd went wild during A-Punk. There's always a dance party when that song goes on.
 The windmill on day 3! By then it had toilet paper and a bunch of stickers on it.
Throughout the whole weekend there were artists creating large pieces of art to put up throughout the festival. This was by far my favorite since it reminded me of Grizzly Bear.
Lamb Lands was by far my favorite land at the festival. They had just about anything with lamb but I had my eye on that lamb poutine since day 1.
Here's the lamb poutine without any cheese curds because they were all out of it. :( Regardless of the missing cheese, these were still delicious!
The Bay Area had me on full foodie mode. One cannot simply go to the Bay Area and expect to "eat healthy." You have to let all your senses loose, including your taste buds!
The Red Hot Chili Peppers closed out the festival with some of their most memorable hits. I remember rocking out to them as a kid, especially when they contributed to the Power Rangers movie soundtrack. Anyone remember that?
And finally here's a crowd shot of me during Phoenix taken by photographer Susan Weiand! Look at that smile and the little twinkle in my eyes (and no I'm not talking about the reflection on my glasses). I absolutely loved every minute of the Phoenix set and what I loved the most was how happy the band and my friends looked. I've met some of the best people because of their music so I was very thankful to see Phoenix with 4 of my friends.

Overall it was an incredible weekend and I would definitely consider going to Outside Lands next year. I learned a lot about the festival too, enough to write a survival guide for next year's event. ;) I hope you enjoyed the picture recap but I will ask this politely: Please DO NOT steal any of my pictures. If you wish to use one of my pictures please contact me and give proper credit for them. I'll have the video recap very soon, I promise! But for the meantime check out day 1 and 2 of my road trip on my vlog channel.

Are you a big fan of music festivals as I am? If so, let me know which music festivals you've attended in the comments!

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