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By now all of you know that I have to wear glasses. You've seen me wear glasses everywhere from my Instagram pictures to my vlogs. Glasses have become a necessity for me since my myopic astigmatism just keeps getting worse and worse as the years go by. As a glasses wearer for the past 7 years, I know how expensive glasses can get but thankfully there are brands like Penn Ave Eyewear that are doing something about it. Much like Warby Parker, Penn Ave Eyewear offers stylish frames at very affordable glasses. I recently got to try out Penn Ave Eyewear's Home Try On program so I'll be reviewing everything from the program itself to the glasses.

I found their home try on program to be a very simple and enjoyable process. I love having the freedom to wear the glasses around your house as long as you want during the day so you can get a good feel about how they're going to look. I also love the glasses themselves! They come in so many different styles and colors which makes them a really fashionable necessity. I found that they are very reasonably prices because when you think how much glasses + the lenses usually cost, $99 is honestly a bargain. So I would highly recommend Penn Ave Eyewear is you are on the market for affordable glasses, or if you just want a wider array of very stylish frames.  

Which glasses that I tried on were your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclaimer: I was contacted by the creative director of Penn Avenue Eyewear to review their Home Try On program. I will be receiving a free pair of glasses for review purposes but that doesn't affect how I feel about the company nor the glasses themselves, all opinions are my own. The home try on program is free for everyone.

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