San Diego Style Bloggers 1-year Blogiversary

Happy birthday San Diego Style Bloggers! This past Friday I got the chance to attend the San Diego Style Bloggers 1-year Blogiversary event held at the affordable fashion boutique Shimmer in National City. I had an amazing time with the San Diego Style Bloggers that I know and those who I met at the event. There was certainly a lot of talking, Instagramming, and posing for pictures throughout the night. Might I mention that I did a little shopping? These are the type of things that go down at a blogger event.

Shimmer honestly has something for everyone! There's items for girly girls, sporty girls, trendy girls, "Tumblr inspired" girls, effortless and classy girls... I think you get the point. There's also a nice selection of plus sized clothing. It's always great to see a store cater to a wide variety of women. And for those who don't live in San Diego, Shimmer has an online store!
There were manicurist and hair stylists on stand-by for those who wanted to get pampered during the event.
This is the outfit that I chose to wear to the event.
Dress- Zara (same one I wore to my graduation)
Blazer- H&M
Platform sandals- Zara 
Glasses- Warby Parker's Sinclair in Burgundy Fade.
The bloggers at the event were given a challenge to style 2-3 outfits with items from the store. This is outfit #1. I really loved the loose fitting black and white blouse because it will be such a versatile piece that I can wear through the rest of the summer and even the fall/winter here in San Diego. The skater skirt was nice as well but it was a size too big.
Here's a little dressing room selfie. I could had gone to take pictures outside but it was just too hot in the dressing room area that I just wanted to take the pictures and get out of there.
Here's outfit #2 that I styled, which I immediately regretted because of how stuffy it was back there. As you can tell from the layers, I'm just begging for this weather to cool down already so I can wear something like this. I styled a black button up blouse that had a very delicate lace detail on the collar with an oversized tan sweater and black skinnies.
Bloggers have to eat and thankfully there was a wide array of sweets to keep our energy up, and for those who wanted to keep it healthy there were veggies and fruits too.
Here are all the bloggers during the raffle portion of the event. Pretty much everyone was taking pictures with their cameras or phones.
Here's Alessandra from Alessandra Gonzalez taking a picture of Lisa from Mona Lisa Marie, Eunice from Beautifully Fashioned, and Paulina from Lil Bits of Chic.
Here's a group picture with Cyrillynn from Any Second Now, Lisa from Mona Lisa Marie, and two new bloggers that I met at the event.
I wouldn't be a good YouTuber without vlogging the event! So if you want to get a better look of what the event was like feel free to watch the vlog.

I had so much fun at the event and I have to thank San Diego Style Bloggers and Shimmer for organizing such a great event. I've had the opportunity to meet some of the most amazing people thanks to the San Diego Style Bloggers community so I'm extremely thankful for that.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post and let me know which outfit you liked the most! Did you like outfit #1 or outfit #2?

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