September Favorites

September has come and gone! This month went by incredibly fast and although we are officially in fall season, it really doesn't feel like fall here in San Diego. Can a girl get the chance to wear a jacket and scarf already? In this month's playlist I'll be sharing my favorite skincare, makeup, nail polish, song, and my favorite YouTuber of the month. Also stay tuned till the end of the video to see the bloopers!

Tutorial | Orange Lipstick

Orange is just one of those colors that people are really intimidated by because it's not often you see people wearing orange lipstick. I personally like sporting an orange lip but I do understand that it is an unusual color for some so that's why I'm going to show you how you can make orange lips more wearable. I hope you enjoy this quick and simple tutorial that can be easily recreated when you're in a hurry.

September 2013 Playlist

It seems like 2013 has been the year of the disco/dance music revival which makes me really happy. And I'm not talking about candy raver EDM here, I'm talking about music that not only has depth but makes you want to dance like no one's watching (which is what I do). The song which inspired this month's playlist was Reflektor by Arcade Fire which if you follow me on Twitter then you know how I haven't been able to stop raving about this song because it's that good (and I tend to have a deep love for really long songs).

Berry Lipsticks for Fall

Although it may not feel like fall where I live, it is officially that time of the year when berry and plum hued lipsticks become acceptable in society. Let me be the first one to say that some trends are meant to be broken not followed, but darker makeup just goes hand in hand with cooler climate and longer nights. As a dark lipstick addict it was hard for me to come up with a list, but nevertheless I picked eight of my favorite shades that will make your lips become the envy of everyone.

Empty Products #2

It is that time again, time to share with you which products worked for me and which ones were a complete waste of money. You've guessed correctly, it is time for another empties video! Check out my latest video for mini reviews about all the products I've finished since June.

Review | Destiny Boutique Charcoal Facial Detox

Reviewing skincare is a whole different process than reviewing makeup. With makeup you can easily figure out whether you like an item or not within the first 5 uses but with skincare it'll often take longer than a week to figure out whether a product is working or not. I've been using this since I featured in in an August haul and you know what? I've been completely in love with this. This is unlike any cleanser that I've ever tried so I really wanted to take my time using it before I wrote an actual review.

Fashion for a Cause | Krama Héritage

Krama Héritage x Laura Neuzeth

Outfit #1 features the krama in "le vert impérial"

As a blogger you get approached by several companies to check out their items and perhaps write a blog post about them. I have to admit that I tend to skip out on a lot of these opportunities because sometimes the brand doesn't reflect my style, or it just doesn't grab my attention. I received an email from one of the founders of Krama Héritage a few weeks ago after he found my study abroad blog, De San Diego à Paris. After declining the offer to write about a fashion accessory in an educational blog, I decided to read more about the brand and that was when I knew I couldn't turn down the opportunity to spread the word about a great company. In my eyes Krama Héritage is one of those rare brands that don't come around too often, and it only felt natural to write about them since I did live in Paris for a bit.

How I Trim My Pixie Cut

Pixie cuts are one of those rare haircuts that manage to be both high maintenance and low maintenance. It is a very low maintenance cut when you're washing and styling it but you have to deal with getting it trimmed very often due to how much it grows within a few weeks. It doesn't necessarily mean that those of us with pixie cuts have discovered the answer to the age old questions of "what can I do to make my hair grow faster?" It simply means that thanks to the short length of our hair, any growth is very noticeable. In this tutorial I'm going to show you how I save some money by trimming my pixie myself between salon visits.

Outfit of the Day | Viva México

On Monday Mexicans around the world celebrated Mexico's Independence Day! I was lucky enough to have been invited to a party hosted by Don Julio at the Junípero Serra Museum in San Diego which I had never gone to. At the event there were a lot of tacos, tequila, and of course great music courtesy Tijuana's own Nortec Collective. If you want to see more pictures of the event, as well as a little vlog just keep reading.

Get to Know Me | A to Z Tag

Today I've decided to post something different on the blog. No, this is not a tutorial or an outfit of the day. It's not even a haul! I've decided to post a tag that will allow you to get to know me better. You will find out what I collect, my favorite food, what sport I played in high school, and much more. This is your perfect chance to get to know the person behind this blog.

Warby Parker | Arthur Sugar Maple

Review | Em Michelle Phan

As someone who has watched Michelle since the beginning of her YouTube career, I got so happy when she announced the launch of her makeup line. When it comes to YouTube makeup gurus, you can't get any bigger than Michelle. She's basically done it all! Millions of subscribers- check. Create her own YouTube network- check. A makeup subscription service- check. Create a makeup empire- CHECK! Since I began watching her at the beginning YouTube journey, I find Michelle very inspiring. I mean, who wouldn't want her life? She gets to have a creative job that allows her to have a huge impact on young women all over the world. You honestly can't ask for a better job! During Labor Day I took advantage of a little promo that was going on. Basically with any purchase you would get a trial size of the life palette so I went ahead and purchased a Shade Play palette since it looked very interesting. Did the products live up to Michelle's legacy? There's only one way to find out.

Outfit of the Day | The Girly Girl Dress

If you've followed my blog for a couple of months or know me personally, then you know I'm not very girly per say. I will always choose jeans and loafers over a dress and heels, but there was something about this Zara dress that I loved. Maybe it was the fact that it felt like a shirt, or the fact that it actually fit really nice on my body. Whatever the reason it may be all I know is that I made a good purchase because this is the perfect dress for the extremely hot days here in SoCal.

Review | Almay Liquid Lip Balm

Almay Liquid Lip Balm
As a lip junkie, it's hard for me to walk by the new products in the drugstore without picking at least one thing. In my most recent Target run I became intrigued by the new Almay Liquid Lip Balm, especially after seeing that one of my favorite beauty bloggers, Estée, had bought a couple of these in Canada. I'm not a fan of lip glosses but I think this is the perfect lip gloss-like product for people who typically hate glosses like myself.

Penn Avenue Eyewear GIVEAWAY! [CLOSED]

Giveaway? DID SOMEONE JUST SAY GIVEAWAY?!?!?! Yes, you've read correctly! I'm hosting a giveaway with Penn Avenue Eyewear. One lucky winner will win the glasses of his/her choice! To read the rules and enter the giveaway just keep on reading.

Review | Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal

I wrote a review about the Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Nude back in March but since my collection has grown quite a bit I think it was time for me to write a full in-depth review about one of my favorite eyeliners I've ever tried. Rimmel was never a brand that struck me as a good competitor against high end brand till recently. I went from walking past Rimmel, to walking away with a couple Rimmel products whenever I go to Target or a drugstore.

How To Get The London Look

Picture was taken during my trip in 2011. For more pictures click here.
Today I bring you the blog post that I've been working on with the British jewelry brand, Astley Clarke. London is one of the fashion capitals in the world and one of the cities that I was fortunate enough to travel to while I was studying abroad, so this collaboration just made a lot of sense to me. I've created two Polyvore sets inspired by some of the trends that are popular among London girls. I hope you enjoy!

Get Ready With Me | Going Out With Friends

It's been MONTHS since my last "get ready with me" video so I decided to finally do another one. I had a couple of new pieces in my wardrobe that I had been itching to wear out as well as the weather to deal with and I came up with this look which I wore out to my friend Jessi's goodbye gathering (she's going back to Paris!). Hope you enjoy this latest "get ready with me video!"

Nails of the Day | In the Nude

It's been a while since my last "nails of the day" post since I honestly haven't done anything special with them in past month and a half. I've pretty much been wearing the same nail polishes that you've seen on my blog posts or videos so I didn't feel the need to show them to you again. Recently I've been falling in love with Avon's Nailwear Pro+ nail polishes. They are some of the most opaque nail polishes I've ever tried. The polish goes one super smooth, it barely chips, and it has a very glossy finish. I've never been a fan of nude nail polishes until I tried this one, I guess all I needed was a nice opaque nude polish to change my mind.