Berry Lipsticks for Fall

Although it may not feel like fall where I live, it is officially that time of the year when berry and plum hued lipsticks become acceptable in society. Let me be the first one to say that some trends are meant to be broken not followed, but darker makeup just goes hand in hand with cooler climate and longer nights. As a dark lipstick addict it was hard for me to come up with a list, but nevertheless I picked eight of my favorite shades that will make your lips become the envy of everyone.

(FYI Some colors appear slightly lighter on the picture due to the lighting)

Let's start off with the darkest lipstick in the bunch because wine not. Ok, I'll stop with the puns right now. 'Black Cherry' lipstick is one of those lipsticks with a cult following because it is a dupe for high-end lipsticks like Tom Ford's 'Black Orchid' lipstick which retails for $48 and Mac's 'Dark Side' lipstick which retails for $15. This lipstick has a creme finish so it just glides effortlessly and it has a slight sheen to it. This is certainly not a lipstick for those who are scared of sporting a bold lip but in case you are you can just create a nice berry stain with this lipstick by dabbing some of it on your lips and then blending it in with your finger. If you're someone who loves dark lipstick then this is one is a lipstick that you should definitely have in your collection, plus who wouldn't want to pay $7 instead of $48?

This is one of my favorite lipsticks in my entire collection. It is a beautiful deep fuchsia shade that will look great on every skin tone. Since this lipstick is a blue based pink it will give you the illusion of whiter teeth (much like a blue based red lipstick). These Rimmel Lasting Finish lipsticks have such a great formula that could easily rival more expensive lipsticks. They are very creamy and incredibly pigmented for the price. These lipsticks certainly give my Mac ones a run for their money! I find them pretty long lasting but you'll end up having to reapply this just like with any other lipstick. If you're a fan of hot pink lipsticks then this one should be a nice color to transition you into the world of deep lipsticks.

Benefit Silky Finish Lipstick in 'Ms. Behavin,' $18 (discontinued)
Don't you hate it when a company discontinues a great shade? Damn you Benefit! I purchased this lipstick back when the first Twilight film came out because it was the shade used to give the Cullens their vampy lips. Yeah, I was a Twi-hard a few years ago but now let's get back to talking about the lipstick. Normally I'm not a fan of sheer lipsticks but there was something about this one that I liked. Maybe it was because I found it to be a very versatile shade or maybe it was because it just felt like I was wearing nothing on my lips? Who knows, but I do know that this is a fantastic shade. When applied with a light hand, it will give your lips a nice plum tint but when layered on it can look almost as dark as the Revlon 'Black Cherry' lipstick. They're not identical dupes though since 'Ms. Behavin' has a lot more purple in it than 'Black Cherry.' As mentioned before, the consistency of this lipstick is quite silky to the point that it feels almost watery, so this will require some maintenance because it does have a tendency to feather outside of your lip line. If you're on the market for a dark lipstick by Benefit I would suggest you check out the Full-Finish Lipstick in Espionage (a black cherry color) or Oh Currant (a warm wine shade).

Never did I think that I would reach for a $2 lipstick more than something high-end but Wet'n'Wild has proven me wrong! Don't be fooled by the cheap packaging or the really low price tag, these lipsticks perform just as great as a high-end lipstick. This lipstick is incredibly opaque and creamy. The color is like a plum version of the Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick by Kate Moss in '09.' It also have a nice sheen but if you have dry lips I would probably suggest applying lip balm before. I love this shade because it has just the right amount of purple in it, people won't be asking themselves "why is this girl wearing purple lipstick?" (not that there is anything wrong with that). If you're not fond of plum hues then I suggest just checking out the other shades in the range because these $2 lipsticks are honestly no joke.

I'll give you a little break from all the dark vampy colors and introduce you to a nice milky raspberry shade. If you've never tried the e.l.f. Mineral Lipsticks you've been missing out on one of the most comfortable lipsticks ever. They won't dry out your lips at all, they have a slight sheen, and are very pigmented. This would the perfect everyday fall color because it is dark enough to be on trend but not excessively dark where you'll look like a goth kid instead of a professional adult. This is a deep color that will be appropriate for school and work. If you want a berry shade suitable for everyday use then this will be a great option for you.

By now you should all know how much I love Revlon Lip Butters. It is an unhealthy obsession but come on! These lipsticks deserve all the constant raving. This shade was the first shade I ever owned. When I was studying abroad I kept hearing about the lip butters but the European launch was still months away and I wanted to get my hand on one of them so I asked my mom to pick one for me as a "Welcome Back" gift. Mom knows how much I love a good deep color and picked the most perfect deep raspberry shade. This color has a lot more red than 'Black Cherry' and has a completely different formula. If you're typically not a fan of lipstick because you find them drying then I would suggest testing out the lip butters because they feel just as nice as a lip balm but offer a decent amount of pigmentation. 

This is a color that looks nothing like the swatch because I guess semi-matte color on matte white paper doesn't photograph too well? This is very similar to 'Black Cherry' but it has less of a black undertone and a bit more warmth. While this may not look as black this is certainly not a lipstick for the nude lipstick lover. If you want a better look just take a peek at this blog post from February. Just like the other Rimmel lipstick in this list, this one is extremely comfortable on the lips and it has good longevity. I do find this lipstick to be a tad more matte than '09' but it still has a lovely a creme finish so it'll just glide on your lips.

Korres Lip Butter in 'Wild Rose,' $12
Now if all of these colors are just way too bold for you or you want something light for everyday use then Korres Lip Butters are for you! I bought this back when I was 18 for my first trip to France. I wanted to look more sophisticated with a berry lip but even with the slight tint that this has I found it too dark as a teen. Korres Lip Butters are incredibly sheer but do possess the ability to be layered on for a slightly darker hue. This is a lovely berry shade that just melts on your lips. The Korres Lip Butters are light in consistency unlike the Revlon Lip Butters so if you're on the hunt for a tinted balm, then Korres has you covered.

Hope you enjoyed this blog post! Feel free to share your favorite berry and plum hued lipsticks in the comments below, I would love to hear what you're loving for fall.

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