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Reviewing skincare is a whole different process than reviewing makeup. With makeup you can easily figure out whether you like an item or not within the first 5 uses but with skincare it'll often take longer than a week to figure out whether a product is working or not. I've been using this since I featured in in an August haul and you know what? I've been completely in love with this. This is unlike any cleanser that I've ever tried so I really wanted to take my time using it before I wrote an actual review.

Let's start off with the claims on the bottle which really made me skeptical about the product. When you see a company claim that their product is "100% great" and "the best facial cleanser ever!" you honestly secretly wish it will suck because those claims are just extremely cocky. I have to admit that I picked up the product solely to test out their claims (you got me there Destiny Boutique!) but they proved me wrong by delivering one of the best cleansers I've ever tried.

If you've never tried a charcoal cleanser you'll probably freak out a bit when you first use it. The product is completely black! I don't know why I assumed that it was going to be a transparent black but no, it was opaque and it looked like I was smearing tar on my face. The cleanser has a very invigorating feel and scent thanks to the peppermint. It is definitely one of those cleansers that leaves your face with a tingly sensation which I tend to enjoy a lot. It makes me believe that a product is actually working on my skin.
Although there is no indication anywhere on the bottle about which skin type this cleanser would work best on, this will work wonders on oily skin. I found that this did a great job of removing all the impurities and would leave my skin feeling very clean and smooth. My whole family started using this cleanser, from  my mom who has mature skin to my brother who has very dry skin. It won't dry out dry skin, nor damage sensitive mature skin. The ingredient are natural and grown locally in California.

Another thing I liked was how they're really open about are the ingredients that this product does not have. For example mineral oil, which is an ingredient that is very popular in skincare products. Mineral oil tends to keep your skin moisturized on a surface level but does nothing for it. It's almost like if you have plastic wrap around your skin, only the surface will look moisturized while your pores can often get clogged up by the oil causing blackheads and whiteheads. Yet another ingredient that gets a bad rep are sulfates. Sulfates are known to dry out hair and also your skin, but it is also the agent that causes all those lovely bubbles that people love. The absence of sulfates definitely contributes to this product working so nicely on different skin types. And finally we have parabens which tends to be a controversial topic in the cosmetic world. Parabens are pretty much in everything that we use from makeup to body lotion. In fact it is pretty tough to find product without parabens especially in the drugstore. Parabens are meant to preserve your products (ie. give it a longer shelf life) but the reason why there is a huge fuss about parabens is because it has been linked to breast cancer and an excess amount of estrogen (even in males).
Overall I've been completely in love with this product. I love that it is a small company based in California and especially that there aren't any agents in the cleanser that will cause my skin to break out of produce excess oil. I've been using this with an exfoliating face brush instead of using an abrasive exfoliator and it's been working wonders like that. My skin feels a lot smoother and less dull than it did before. Another aspect about this cleanser that I particularly love is how it works for all skin types, this makes it an ideal product to have in your house so multiple people can benefit from it. I highly recommend this product and I would suggest you visit your local Sprouts market to see if they have the Destiny Boutique Charcoal Facial Detox in stock!

You can also purchase the cleanser online at the Destiny Boutique online store for $15.

Have you used a charcoal cleanser before? What are some of the chemicals and agents that you avoid in products? Let me know in the comments below.

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