Get Ready With Me | FWSD Edition

FWSD week over at Laura Neuzeth is now coming to an end with a little "get ready with me" video. When in doubt one can never go wrong with a "get ready with me," plus it was a look that got a lot of compliments at FWSD. Whenever I wear a head wrap and red lips I can't help but feel Chiquita Banana, I know that sounds strange but I wish I could rock a bowl of fruit in my head like her. Silliness aside I hope all of you enjoy my latest "get ready with me" video as much as I did recording and editing it.

I was getting a ton of questions about my head wrap at FWSD so I'm wondering if you would like to see a head wrap tutorial? Let me know in the comments below whether or not I should record a tutorial.
Have a great weekend everyone!

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