Get Ready with My Mom!

On Saturday my mom had to go to a wedding so it was up to me to do her makeup. I asked her if I could film for my channel and she said "sure," but knowing how she's still a bit shy in front of the camera I decided to turn this into a "get ready with me" type of video instead of having her talk. I hope in the future you get to hear her because she's quite a funny person, but I'll have to do some subtitling since she speaks nothing but good ol' Spanish. She asked me to do a smokey eye which is her default look to be honest (I guess she never quite outgrew the bold 80's and 90's eye makeup). I decided to put a modern spin on a smokey eye by using a beautiful MAC Mineralized eyeshadow that has very fine blue glitter.

Here's the video with my mom! There are bloopers which iMovie just made weirder with the audio lag. It was playing fine on iMovie but whenever I would export it I would get that problem. Alright, iMovie... You win in this time!
And in case you missed it, here's my latest haul! There's skincare product and quite a bit of makeup.

I hope everyone is having a great Monday so far. The question of the day is, how does your mom to her makeup? Does she still love a strong bold look or has she embraced a more natural look? And if you're a mom let me know what is your signature makeup look!

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