October 2013 Playlist

I've been hinting on Twitter about an all Scandinavian pop edition of my monthly playlist and it's finally here! It's no secret that Sweden produces some of the best pop music from Abba to modern day artists like Lykke Li and Icona Pop, who produced one of the biggest hits of 2013. The whole month of October I've been craving a lot of pop music specifically from the Scandinavian countries. If you're not as familiar with Scandinavian pop then this will be a perfect introduction to some new and eclectic artists.

In case you're not too good with geography, here's a map showing you where Scandinavian countries (often referred as the Nordic region) are located. The region is comprised of three main countries: Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. But countries like Iceland, Finland, and the Åland Islands are often included due to the large Swedish population and Scandinavian ancestry.

From Norway we have an artist that you should be familiar by now because she's been featured in two previous playlists, hope you're ready to listen to Annie once again! From the very stylish country of Denmark we have Oh Land, Quadron, Fallulah, and Mø. And finally we have Sweden, who has exported some of the best pop music ever (yes, ever). Representing Sweden we have Icona Pop, Rebecca & Fiona, Karin Park, Frida Sundemo, Lykke Li, Beatrice Eli, Tove Lo, and Robyn.

What was your favorite track from the playlist? And what music were you listening to nonstop in October? Let me know in the comments below.

And as always, happy listening!

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