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I've mentioned this little product right here in a couple of videos such as Products for Pixie Cuts and my July Favorites but I've never actually done a review on it. This has been my go-to hair product ever since I got my pixie cut back in May so you know it's good. This product will not only work on women with pixie cuts, but also women who have bobs and of course men.

When you have short hair texture becomes your best friend. It's the simplest and fastest way to give your hair some shape and add some character. We're not blessed with copious amount of hair to braid or style so by creating texture we're essentially giving our hair some attitude. There's plenty of ways to go around creating textured hair but one thing you'll need is a good hair wax, pomade, or texturizer.

I found this texturizing cream when I went to Ulta after I got my haircut because I was desperate for a texturizer. I was initially going to the famed Bed Head Manipulator but I couldn't bring myself to spend $18 on such a small product so I kept looking around till I found the Abba Texturizing Cream in the natural haircare section. I'm not a hippie or someone who particularly buys all-natural products but when I find a good product that is natural I'll buy it. I'd rather know what's on my product that just ignore the scary ingredients on the labels. And best of all it wasn't as expensive as the Bed Head one, I believe this one was around $10-12 when I bought it.
The reason why I've been loving this product so much (and my brother really likes it too) is because it's tacky enough to give you texture but it won't leave your hair feeling like you just applied a bunch of gloopy product. It leaves your hair soft and shiny, but it provides really great hold. You won't need to worry about your textured hair falling flat within a few hours with this nor worry about your hair drying and feeling as hard as a rock. The formula is lightweight and is a light cream color but it won't leave even the darkest hair looking dull or look like it has dandruff. And before I forget this smells amazing! It has a light citrus smell thanks to the grapefruit in this.

If you're on the market for a hair texturizer or looking to buy something for a man in your life, I would highly recommend the Abba Texturizing Cream. It has a lot of product and provides great texture with flexible but long lasting hold. It is a great product from a brand that I've never heard anyone really talk about so next time you're at Ulta I would recommend checking out the Abba hair care range.

Are you a fan of textured hair? If so what is your favorite texturizer? Let me know in the comments below.

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