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Eyeliner pens have become my favorite method of application ever since I discovered them. They are extremely easy to use unlike regular liquid eyeliner which can sometimes be messy and make your hands get extremely shaky. As long as you know how to hold a pencil you'll know how to line your eye with one of these. Today I have a quick review about Maybelline's Master Precise. You'll find out how it differs from other eyeliner pens and if it's worth your money.

What sets the Maybelline Master Precise from other eyeliner pens is the applicator. It has a felt tip applicator shaped much like a traditional kohl kajal eyeliner that Indian and Arab women use to tightline and waterline at the same time. This particular shape of eyeliner makes sense when it's in pencil form because it does facilitate lining the waterline and tightline in one sweep but as a liquid eyeliner is just doesn't make sense. The thinner portion did make creating a thin line along your lash line almost effortless but other than that I didn't find that the shape of this eyeliner gave it any special attributes.

The formula was very black which is a must for any black eyeliner. I know people often make fun of the "very black" label in some mascaras but in reality some blacks can look rather gray which is not good if you're after a very dramatic look. I also found that for a non-waterproof product it would hold up quite nicely on my lid even during the excessively hot days in San Diego (80ºF+).

The number one thing that ultimately is going to hold me back from repurchasing this is how fast it dried out. I've had eyeliner pens last me more than 3 months, in fact I have a eggplant colored eyeliner pen that I bought in Paris in spring of 2012 and it's still going strong! This eyeliner pen only lasted two months which is completely unacceptable. The tip of the eyeliner was almost completely dried up within a month of usage, so whenever I wanted to line my eyes I had to use the side. The wider end of the applicator of course had the most product because it was left untouched. The thinner swatch in the picture was made with just the tip so you can tell how dry it was compared to the swatches which I did by using the side. I believe that the really thin tip is a design failure because it doesn't hold as much of the product. The Parisian drugstore eyeliner has a wider applicator which contributes to the fact that it hasn't dried up. I even tried to store it facing down to see if gravity would pull some of the product onto the tip but that didn't happen.
Overall I was quite disappointed with the Maybelline Master Precise. It did its job well but only for a short time which was a bit frustrating. I also found the applicator kind of useless since this kohl kajal shape doesn't really do much for liquid eyeliner application. I wouldn't repurchase this nor recommend it to anyone because it just wasn't worth the money.

Are you a fan of liquid eyeliner pens? If so leave your suggestions down below as I'm in the market for a new liquid eyeliner pen.

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