Review | Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Stick

Two reviews in one week? Am I ok??? Yes, I am. Today I wanted to share this short review on a amazing product for lazy girls around the world! It works exceptionally well even under harsh conditions such as a music festival with a lot of fog and dirt. Are you intrigued? Then read the rest of the review!

I first heard about the eye shadow stick from British YouTubers since they're always the first ones to get all the new Rimmel products. What intrigued me about this certain product is the fact that it is incredibly compact. I'd rather take this in my travel makeup bag than eyeshadow pots because these are a lot lighter than the glass pots. Unfortunately this is a regular pencil so you'll have to take a big pencil sharpener in order to use it.

As for the formula, it is incredibly creamy to the point that the point may easily just fall off with pressure. It glides on effortlessly onto the lid and once it dries up it stays on your lid. As I mentioned I wore this every single day at Outside Lands festival in San Francisco and if it's strong enough to last through a 12-hour music festival day it'll be strong enough to last through a regular 8-hour day at work or school. I did experience slight creasing but it was barely noticeable and honestly nothing alarming.
Overall this is a fantastic product for only $5. It is creamy, long lasting, and compact. My only complaints are the packaging since I would rather have a twistable pencil much like chubby sticks lip products. I also don't find the color range to be necessarily great. Who's going to use a bright turquoise or a green on a regular basis? I really hope in the future they make more neutral everyday eyeshadows because right now there's only Bulletproof Beige (pictured) and Bad Bronze.

Have you tried the Scandaleyes Eye Shadow Sticks? If so what do you think of them? Let me know in the comments below.

EDIT: February 2014 I do NOT recommend this product. It completely dried out and fell out in less than 6 months which is unacceptable when there's other drugstore brands like NYX and Jordana creating similar products that don't dry out as quickly.

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