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On the last day of FWSD 2013 there was a trunk show where all the designers had an assortment of clothes and accessories to sell to the public. Many sold pieces from their runway collection, while others added a couple of new pieces to the mix. As much as I wanted to buy a nice jacket or a dress, I frankly don't have the budget for a one of a kind piece. I walked through the whole upper floor of the Broadway Pier thinking I wouldn't buy anything until I saw the Second Star Designs booth and their wide assortment of organic soaps.

My new blogger friend, Kendall, and I went crazy when we saw all the soaps on display. We started smelling each one and talking to Caryn from Second Star Designs about their soaps. She started telling us how all the soaps are handcrafted with all organic ingredients and how moisturizing they are. I don't know about you but whenever I read the ingredient label and all I see are words that I can't pronounce I get a little worried. I'm no chemist so I don't know what half on the ingredients are and what they're supposed to do. If you look at the ingredients of a Second Star Designs soap you'll notice how you can pronounce everything! Each soap has a nice blend of moisturizing oils and essential oils, and some of the soaps have chia sead or flowers.
The essential oils make a world of a difference because it makes each soap smell exactly what it's supposed to smell like. I'm a huge fan of citrus smells so when I saw the Honey Citrus soap I knew I had to get it. It smells like orange, lemon, and honey which is exactly what this soap has! If citrusy scents aren't your thing then you have to check out the other soaps in the store. Are you a pumpkin spiced latte girl? Then the Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Soap might have your name written all over it! Coffee lover? Check out the Vanilla Macchiato Luxury Bath Bar. Need something to relax you before bed? The Manuka Lavender Soap might be what you're looking for.

I know you keep seeing some soaps referred to as luxury bath bars and while they both cleanse, the luxury bath bars seem to have more moisturizing properties. Some of the soaps also contain glycerin which is an odorless and colorless compound commonly used when making soaps. Other than being entirely organic, the soaps and luxury bath bars are also sulfate free and paraben free.

Now as for how the soaps perform. I cut myself a small piece and have been using that piece for a week now and I have to say that I'm loving the soap. The smell is amazing and it lingers on your skin for a bit. Although sodium laureth sulfate is absent (that's the foaming agent commonly used in soaps and shampoos), it still foams up a little all due to the sodium hydroxide which is known as a cleaning agent. When I bought the soap Caryn let me know that the luxury body bars will leave your skin really soft and she wasn't lying. In order to properly test the soap I haven't been moisturizing after taking a shower and I have to say that my skin doesn't feel dry at all. The formula is incredibly moisturizing and it feels really nice on your skin. The soap can be used by itself or with a loofah like I've used it, it works well either way. Another thing that Caryn told me is that the bar can be used as shampoo. I have yet to try it as a shampoo but I'm looking forward to my hair smelling like orange and lemon.
Overall I highly recommend the soaps by Second Star Designs. Not only do they smell amazing but they're also incredibly moisturizing and luxurious. The soaps are all organic and made from scratch in small quantities. The soaps retail for $3.75(sale)-$9 for a good decent amount of soap. If you cut small chunks and keep the rest stored in a cool and dry place, then your soap should last you at least a month and a half. If you're on the market for unique soaps, clothes, and handpainted shoes and/or want to support an independent company then I would highly recommend you check out Second Star Designs.

Are you a fan of handmade soaps? If so what scent from the Second Star Designs shop has your name written all over it? Let me know which soap you would pick up in the comments below.

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