Wish List #2: Green With Envy

Coat Envy

So I've been online window shopping and seeing all these amazing coats, shoes, and fall makeup has made me green with envy. I literally want everything! I want every coat that I see, every lipstick that has my name written all over it, and every metallic shoe that I can find. I've divided my envies into four different categories: coats, shoes, accessories, and makeup. So if you're interested to find what I'm lusting after for just continue reading.

Coat Envy
I've been in love with oversized coats ever since I saw a bunch of French girls rocking them at the Sorbonne. They just looked so effortlessly cool and most importantly warm, since it does get quite cold up in Paris. But although I mostly saw these coats in Paris, they actually remind me a lot of Copenhagen. Something about the oversized silhouette just screams Scandinavian streetwear to me. I almost bought a wonderful camel colored oversized coat by Cheap Monday when I traveled to the stylish Danish city, but I ended up leaving it at the store because it just doesn't get as cold here in San Diego. Part of me hates that I didn't buy it, but then again I know very well that an item like that would end up living in my closet due to the weather. :(

Coats featured:
Madewell coat

Hobbs brown wool coat
$485 - houseoffraser.co.uk

Shoe Envy
Shoe Envy
I think you've figured out that I'm not much of a heels girl by looking at my outfits. Ever since I was a child I've been attracted to very masculine looking shoes. I would try on pair after pair of my dad's shoes and completely ignore my mom's heels. Lately I've been lusting after metallic oxfords because they're just so different. A lot of people might find metallic shoes gaudy, but they're my kind of statement piece. I've really toned it down when it comes to color in my wardrobe so something like a metallic shoe would be the perfect statement piece if you're wearing mostly neutral or dark colors. The Topshop shoes on the top right remind me a lot of a pair of shoes that I saw my style idol, Annie Clark of St. Vincent wear in an interview. The best thing is that they're only $50! I really don't need the shoes but I think I might have to give in and treat myself to a pair of metallic oxfords. 

As for boots, I'm lusting for chelsea boots or anything with chunky buckles. I just adore black boots so as long as they're black I basically want them.

Shoes featured:
Børn leather boots

Tod's tods shoes

Topshop shoes

Silver shoes

Topshop leather boots

Accessories Envy

Accessory Envy
Warby Parker recently launched their fall collection and the Ripley glasses look absolutely gorgeous. First of all the Oak Barrel frame just has my name written all over it. Ugh, they're just perfect and I want them so bad! But they are pricier than their normal glasses so I'm just going to keep admiring them from my computer. Another accessory that I've been loving are hats! I've always loved hats but now that I have a pixie cut I find that hats just look way cuter than beanies and they hide my unruly "Dragon Ball Z" hair. Sometimes my hair will just stick up and I feel like I'm literally a cartoon character from Dragon Ball Z, it's not cute at all but it looks pretty funny. As for necklaces, you guys know that I will go for any chunky gold necklaces. That's just my thing

Finally we have a scarf that screams "I'm going for a walk at the Jardin du Luxembourg." I wrote a piece about French brand Krama Héritage last month and ever since being introduced to the company I've been lusting after their scarfs. This is another item that just reminds me of the people I would observe in between my classes at the Sorbonne and lately I've been just day dreaming about all the fashionable people I would see in Paris. What can I say? Paris me manque.

Accessories featured:

Makeup Envy

Makeup Envy
Since basically putting my wallet's #1 enemy on hold (Sephora) I've been converted into a full-on drugstore makeup type of girl. Don't get me wrong I would love to indulge myself with a NARS lipstick of a lovely Diptyque parfum but I honestly don't have the budget to be buying luxe items at the moment. The Nars lipstick featured is one that Annie Clark loves. Anything that Annie Clark loves immediately goes on my wishlist. I may not need another red lipstick but you know me and my love for red lipsticks (that blog post was inspired by one of her songs, so yes I happen to be quite a fangirl)... 

Ever since Marc Jacobs released his makeup line I've been dreaming about owning one (or all) of the products in the range. My two top products that I'm dying to try are the neutral eyeshadow palette in the very sleek packaging and the bright chartreuse nail polish named after Lux Lisbon, the main female protagonist in the novel turned Sofia Coppola film, The Virgin Suicides. I also want to get the Moody Margot lipstick because it's a character from one of my favorite films by Wes Anderson, The Royal Tenenbaums, but I'm not too sure how I will look like with such a pale lipstick.

Diptyque fragrance

Nail polish


Nars cosmetic

I hope you enjoyed my latest wish list. I want to know what have you been lusting for? Let me know in the comments below and I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend.

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