Empty Products #3

It's time for yet another empties video! In this video a lot of the products I finished were stuff that I have reviewed on the blog so I will leave a list of the reviews down below so you can check them out. I also burned through quite a lot of candles, including one of my favorites called London Calling. That candle smelled exactly like tea and lemon and unfortunately isn't available anymore (tell me why Bath and Body Works!). If you're a fan of empty product videos or are interested in getting mini reviews of products I've tried then you have to check out my latest video.

Video en español
Boots Botanics Mattifying Toner
Destiny Boutique Charcoal Facial Detox
Avène Cleanance Emulsion Lotion
Samy Molding Wax

I hope you enjoyed my latest empty products video! Let me know in the comments below about a product that you recently finished and whether you liked it or not. Also as you may notice the blog looks a little different. Well I had been working on it for a couple days. :-) Some of the changes are subtle like the color you get when you highlight text, and others are more noticeable like all the lines separating the widgets and posts. I've also added a poll on the right column so make sure to cast your vote! Your vote will determine one of the videos I'll be making in December.

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