First Impression | LSTN Beech Bowery Headphones

I recently got approached by LSTN Headphones to review a pair of headphones. In case you don't know about LSTN they're a headphone company which sells headphones made out of wood! Not only does that set them apart from other headphone companies but they also give back to those in need. Whenever someone purchases one of their headphones, they donate a hearing aid to someone in need. Giving someone the ability to hear for their mom or music for the first time is a life changing experience. As a longtime music fan I can't go a day without listening to music for a couple of hours so I couldn't imagine not being able to hear a thing. I really loved the premise of LSTN Headphones, as well as their cause, so it only made sense for me to partner with them for a review. This is only my first impression, I will publish an in-depth review some time next week after I've tested for a couple of days.

Today I would like to know what your favorite headphones are? As I said in the video I've owned my share of headphones during my 23 years of existence but I can honestly say I don't have a favorite. If I'm listening to music at home I'd rather use my Dr. Dre Beats because they are quite bulky for everyday usage. Apart from that I always prefer to use earbuds whenever I'm out and about (or when I used to go to school) just because of the practicality. 
I really hope you enjoyed this first impression video and my stiff dancing. Have a great weekend everyone!
EDIT FEBRUARY 2014: The right earphone stopped working completely. For the price I can't recommend them especially since I've had much cheaper earphones that have lasted more than 4 months. These are $50 and it sucks that they no longer work when I've only used them to listen to music and edit videos on my desk.

Disclaimer: I was sent these headphones by LSTN for review purposes. I am not being compensated for this and all opinions and reactions are my own.

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