How to Style a Pixie Cut

I recently got asked if I could do a video about how to style a pixie cut by a subscriber. Not going to lie, hair has never been one of my strengths that's one of the reasons why I cut my hair in the first place but I decided to challenge myself and create 3 very simple and quick hairstyles that basically anyone can recreate. If I can do them then you can do them too! The best thing is that you'll spend 10 minutes or less doing everything from applying product to drying and styling your hair.

Video en español
I hope you liked this video and if you have any requests for more pixie cut related videos just let me know! 
Today's question is how long does it take for you to dry your hair with a hairdryer? Before my pixie it would take 20 minutes to fully dry it because I have so much hair but now it's more like 4 minutes.

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