Nails of the Day | Revlon Parfumerie Scented Nail Enamel in Moonlit Woods

This year we've seen a number of nail polish fads from textured polish to speckled, and now I present you scented nail enamel. Scented nail polish is nothing new, in fact I bought a bright green scented polish from Revlon a few years ago which was supposed to smell like lime but that wasn't necessarily the case. This new Parfumerie collection is divided into three categories: sweet & spices, fresh, and fruit and florals. Word of advice don't smell the polishes at the stores because the scent appears once the nail polish is completely dry. When I looked at the new permanent collection Moonlit Woods really caught my eye because it's not often that you see a metallic lilac shade in the drugstore.

As previously mentioned, Moonlit Woods is a beautiful metallic lilac. I find that it's one of the most unique shades in the new range. When I saw it on display it made me think of a color that Chanel or Estée Lauder would make because it just looks very unique. The bottle itself looks very high end and sophisticated since it does look much like a vintage perfume bottle. I really loved the rounded top because not only is it very cute but I also found that it made me get a nice grip on the handle. Now what I didn't like too much is how streaky the polish applied. I think that's a common trait with metallic polishes though, but I just wished this one would apply a bit smoother. The metallic polish is quite sheer with one coat so I recommend doing at least two coat, I did three just so it could last longer. I also didn't apply a top coat so I could smell the scent and normally I would be rocking some chipped nails by the third day because I type a lot but there isn't one chip on my nails. My nails honestly look as good as when I painted them the first day.

As for the scent, it does have a strong scent that lingers on your nails for a couple of hours. A day later I could still smell the scent but only if I actually sniffed my nails, but two days later the scent is completely gone. Judging by the name I would had expected a deep and woodsy scent but it actually smells a lot like marshmallows. Not quite what I was expecting from a perfume inspired nail polish collection but good thing I like marshmallows.
Nail Polish: Revlon Parfumerie in Moonlit Woods

Have you tried any other Revlon Parfumerie nail enamels? If so which ones, and what do they smell like?

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