November 2013 Playlist

This month's playlist is inspired by the music I would listen to in high school. The Killers recently released their first Greatest Hits album which made me reminisce a lot about the past. Unlike many people I happened to enjoy high school. Sure there was some drama, sad times, and awkward moments but overall it was a nice experience for me. My high school years was when I was first introduced to some great bands that I love till this day like The Killers, Phoenix, and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

I find it hard to believe that it's going to be 10 years since I was an awkward high school freshmen. I still remember first listening to The Killers the summer before high school began. I also remember my first French class and how excited I was to be studying a language that I had been wanting to learn since I was a child (little did I know I was going to major in that language in college). My taste in music me feel kind of like a weirdo back then. While my friends and tennis teammates were listening to top 40 or reggaeton (anyone remember awkwardly dancing to Gasolina at quinceañeras?), I was listening to bands like who sung about things other than partying. I remember one of my friends was concerned that I was listening to a band called The Killers (I'm not even kidding). Despite my peers not understanding my taste in music, I kept finding more and more bands and artists that I could relate to. Remember how easy it was to browse for music on MySpace? If it wasn't for MySpace I wouldn't had discovered some bands like The Kooks, Lily Allen, Camera Obscura, and of Montreal.

High school was an easy time where you could still enjoy your life carefree. Despite the huge loads of homework, you still had time to hang out with friends. Teachers were not only there to assign work but they were also your friends and mentors. You probably discovered something that you were great at and made you happy during high school. Maybe you experienced your first love, or maybe you felt like you didn't need a boyfriend at the time like myself. People changed right before your eyes, even your friends. Outcasts like myself felt like the true winners once high school was over because we never compromised our individuality for popularity. Sure high school wasn't perfect, but it was a time period that had a big impact on my life so why not celebrate it?
What was your favorite song from the playlist? Also let me know what groups and artists you listened to during high school.

Happy listening everyone!

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