Tips for Luminous Skin

Disclaimer: This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and Dove.
This is the third and final post in the #MujerDove collaboration with Dove. In this post I'll be sharing some of my personal tips of how you can obtain beautiful and luminous skin, even in the colder months. We're reaching that time of the year that our skin becomes dry and even a little dull due to the weather changes. Even if the weather wants to dictate the condition of our skin, it doesn't mean that it needs to have it's way. It is possible to have healthy and luminous skin year round and I'll be the one showing you how.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!
A lot of people suggested on the Dove Clear Tone review that moisturizing your skin is one of the most important steps and I definitely have to agree with them. It is incredibly important to keep your skin hydrated especially in the colder months. In the summer you can get away with light moisturizers but for fall and winter I recommend a thicker moisturizer for both your face and body. For daytime you can use something a little lighter in consistency and that has SPF, but at night a thick moisturizer is a must. Another thing you can do on your face is apply some Vitamin E oil. Vitamin E is a great natural moisturizer and antioxidant which is easily available at supermarkets like Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. It does have a really slippery and thick feel to it so I recommend it to use it at least once a week at night in place of your regular night moisturizer. Vitamin E will work especially well if you're prone to getting dry patches on your skin.

As for your body I would suggest that you go for a thicker moisturizer in fall and winter as well. Body butters are sold pretty much everywhere nowadays from Target, to TJ Maxx, to the Body Shop. They are thicker and more emollient than body lotions, which is why many describe body butters as luxurious. Body butters often have great moisturizing properties such as coconut, olive, and jojoba oil. Since body butters are very emollient it will form a barrier on the skin that will help keep skin moisturized much longer. If you're not a fan of the thick texture I would recommend using a body butter only on select places of your body such as your knees, elbows, and anywhere else that you normally have really dry skin.

Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen
Hyaluronic acid and collagen are components that can naturally be found in our skin and tissues. More recently the cosmetic world has been creating everything from creams, face masks, and supplements with both of those ingredients in them. The reason why hyaluronic acid is becoming such a popular ingredient is because it promotes skin turnover and is also know to really hold on to a lot of moisture. Hyaluronic acid gives the skin a very plump and hydrated look. 

Most people would associate collagen with lip injections, but collagen is actually a protein made up of amino-acids that can be found in our connecting tissues. Collagen is an ingredient most commonly used in anti-aging products because as we age our collagen levels start decreasing. This is one of the reasons why people lose some volume in their faces and also get wrinkles. What collagen does is give your face a plumper look (much like the hyaluronic acid which is why both of those ingredients are often used in conjunction).
Say Goodbye To Dull Skin
Snakes molt in order to get rid of their dry outer layer. Luckily humans don't molt the same way as snakes do but we still need to get rid of the dried layer of epidermis somehow- that's where exfoliating comes in. Exfoliating is extremely important, especially in the colder months. I used to be a big fan of facial exfoliators like the St. Ives one but now all I'm using is a facial brush and my regular cleanser. Since switching from an abrasive exfoliator to the facial brush I've noticed that I've been breaking out less and my skin doesn't get irritated. Another great and gentle way to get rid of the dry skin is to use a gentle exfoliating toner often called peeling toners.

As for you body, a very easy way to exfoliate is by using a loofah or a mesh pouf with your body wash. You can also buy a body exfoliator, or just make your own with some coconut oil and coffee grounds. Coffee ground will not only help exfoliate but they will help to reduce cellulite in your body.

Don't Neglect Your Armpits
If you're anything like me, you shave your armpits because it the quickest and easiest way to remove the unwated hair there. Well did you know that shaving causes underarm skin to lose 50% more moisture which leads to dryness and irritation? This is why you must show your armpits some love. Just like any part of your body, your underarm area will benefit from exfoliating and moisturizing. You don't need to run off to the store to find an exfoliator specifically for your underarm. Scrub the underarm area very well with your loofah to get rid of any dry skin and deodorant residue. As for moisturizer, find a moisturizing deodorant. The Dove Clear Tone deodorant has calendula and sunflower seed extract which will keep your skin nice and moisturized.
Fake It Till You Make It
Normally I wouldn't encourage anyone to do that, but when it comes to skin you won't see drastic internal changes in a day. You have to let the skin naturally repair itself but that doesn't mean that you can't have instant luminous skin. One of the ways you can achieve an instant glow is with makeup! Instead of using a matte or full coverage foundation, try going for a lighter formula such as a tinted moisturizer, a BB cream, or gel foundation. These foundations will help cover up imperfections but will let you skin still peek through. Another way is to use a brightening concealer under your eyes and also on top of your cheekbones. Brightening concealers often come in a pen format and can easily be found even in the drugstore.

Highlighters are also a great product for adding luminosity to your skin. Add a little on the tops of your cheekbones, down the bridge of your nose, and also on your cupid's bow. This will immediately give you a very luminous look. Make sure highlighter doesn't have chunky glitter, what you want is something that will give you a nice sheen not make you look like a disco ball.

Drink Up!
My last tip is to drink water- lots of water! What's one easy way to find out if you're drinking the enough water? By checking your pee. It sounds gross but your urine can tell a lot about your healthy habits. If your urine is clear or light yellow then you know you've been drinking a lot of water, but if it's a dark yellow then you need to start drinking some water! I always keep my big FWSD water bottle by my side whenever I'm editing videos, writing new posts, or just relaxing in my room. I make sure to drink at least 5 or 6 bottles of water a day.

What if you don't like water? Well there's easy ways to still consume water but not sacrifice flavor. You can squirt a couple drops of lemon or lime in it, add cucumber slices, orange slices, or add a couple frozen berries. These will add some natural flavor to your water instead of reaching for something synthetic like water enhancers.

I hope you enjoyed this long post about how you can obtain luminous skin. If you need any product recommendations or have more questions please feel free to let me know in the comments. Also the giveaway has ended so make sure you keep checking your emails to see if you're one of the three lucky winners.

Today's question is how do you enjoy your water? Let me know in the comments below! I normally just drink it on it's own but sometimes I do add a couple drops of lemon or frozen fruits. 

Disclaimer: This is a blog post in collaboration with Latina Bloggers Connect and Dove for their #MujerDove campaign. I am being compensated for the post but all opinions, tips, and images in this post are entirely my own. I am very grateful for such a great opportunity and I have to thank Latina Bloggers Connect and Dove for making it happen.

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