Perfect Lip Colors for the Holidays

It's the season of bright red lips, delicious cranberry shades, and the dark vampy lips. I've chosen eight lipsticks that will suit a number of different skin tones and will look fabulous for any holiday party that you'll be attending. I've made sure to include various finishes, types of lip colors, and price tags so there sure to be something for you.

Can we talk about how amazing these balm stains are? I honestly think that these are even better than the Tarte ones. The Twist & Shout Shine balm stains have a really nice and comfortable formula. They are very true to their name. The Twist & Shine balm stains provide the comfort and moisture of a lip balm, and it leaves a really nice stain on your lips. This is the perfect lip product for the girl who wants to sport a berry lip but without all the fuss. Cranberry Crush is a nice cool toned berry shade that will look lovely on fair and medium skin tones alike. The Twist & Shine products to have a shiny finish to them but they're not sticky like a lip gloss.

YouTube sensation Michelle Phan released her luxe makeup line this year to mixed review. People either loved the line, hated it, or felt meh about it. I decided to give one of her products a try because I was really intrigued by the concept of a lip palette that allowed you to create your own shade. Lip palettes are nothing new so I'm not sure why it took so long for someone to create a well so you could mix the lip colors. I personally think this product is definitely worth the price. It comes with 3 lipsticks (2 matte and 1 cream) and 3 lip glosses. The shade I swatched is the blue toned matte shade located on the top left. I love the shade because it is your classic matte red shade. Although it is a matte formula, this shade won't emphasize your dry lips. I find the matte formula incredibly comfortable, but if you do find it a tad drying on your lips you can always mix a little bit of the gloss or some the cream lipstick to add some moisture to your lips. I love that this palette provides a red shade for every skin tone, plus the packaging makes it ideal for a girl on the go.

Rimmel makes some of the best lip products in the drugstore. The shades are unique and the quality could easily rival more expensive lipsticks. These Moisture Renew lipsticks have a very soft and silky finish to them. They also provide the option to build the color up to get a more opaque look. Berry Rose is such a flattering deep rose shade that will look so nice on people with a tan complexion. It is a nice shade for those who are kind of intimidated by deeper shades. The lipstick does have shimmer and a shiny finish but it isn't anything obnoxious. 

All the Avon products I have I've bought through the Mexican catalog, so I apologize if the American Avon doesn't have a particular product. This shade is the perfect festive lip color. It is a cool toned cherry red with red micro glitter. Who doesn't want a touch of glitter for the holidays, right? The formula is very moisturizing and comfortable on the lips. I also find that it is pretty long lasting too since it does stain your lips just a little. Also these lipsticks don't have the traditional bullet, the bullet comes to a point. The bullet looks very geometric and the point allows you to be very precise with this lipstick. All in all this is a great lipstick for the holidays and I highly recommend it if you can get your hands on it. 

Black Cherry is a cult favorite for a reason. Just look at that beautiful color! It is a deep blackened cherry color that looks great on everyone! Girls with very fair complexions to deep complexions can all rock this shade. Super Lustrous lipsticks are very comfortable on the lips and have a sheen to them, that being said they aren't very long lasting. If you would like to expand the life of this lipstick then lining them with a similar color is a must. Also if you think the color looks very intimidating, it can easily be worn as a stain. Just dab a little of the product on your lips and then blend it out with your finger to create a nice stain on your lips.

If you're familiar with Revlon lip butters then you know how comfortable these are. They have a nice creamy texture to them and decent color payoff. Red Velvet is a burnt red shade that will compliment anyone but especially those with cooler skin tones. This lipstick (just like the Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick) provides the option to wear it sheer or apply more to get an opaque finish. The only thing that you do have to wary of when you apply more it that does become a little slippery due to how moisturizing the product is. I recommend you to blot your lips with a tissue so it can take off some of the excess moisture.

This is an pow in-your-face warm red. It is your classic orangy red shade that will look fantastic on people with a warm undertone (but if you have a cool undertone you can still rock the lip color). It is crucial to exfoliate your lips prior to applying this shade because Mac's matte formula will cling on to any dry areas on your lips. This shade is definitely attention grabbing, so a bright red is your thing then you have to check out Lady Danger.

The Show Off Lip Lacquers Apocalips are the standout product of the year for me. If you live abroad then you knew how great these are before everyone else but if you live in the United States then you probably got the chance to try them out this summer. These are a liquid lipstick with incredible lasting power. Once these babies dry they won't budge much. The formula is comfortable and incredibly opaque so you won't need to dip the applicator to get more product. You'll be able to apply a perfect layer of color in when you first take the applicator out. A little goes a long way with the Show Off Lips just like the OCC lip tars (except these come in a more convenient packaging). Apocaliptic is a bright fuchsia shade that will work great both winter and summer. Fuchsias are a cool toned pink so if you're looking for something that will brighten up your complexion and teeth, then this is a pink shade for you. 

I hope really hope you enjoyed and found this blog post helpful. Let me know in the comments below what lip colors you'll be rocking this holiday season. 

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