Semi-Formal Holiday Outfits feat. Madewell

This week is holiday outfit and makeup ideas on my blog! Thank you so much for voting on the blog poll, I really love getting that kind of input from my readers. On Thursday a couple of bloggers were invited to attend a small blogger event at Madewell in La Jolla. As part of the event we had a challenge to come up with a couple of holiday outfits using some of their clothes and accessories. As you can imagine it was a very easy task because Madewell has a great variety of cute and classic pieces. I came up with two semi-formal outfits that are absolutely perfect for any Christmas dinner.

The first outfit is the perfect semi-formal outfit if you plan to do some eating on Christmas. The dress is made out of a very comfortable and stretchy material that felt almost like a t-shirt. I also loved that the dress had a cinched waist because dresses like that flatter girls with curves really well. The dress was accessorized with a sparkly gold belt and a festive plaid scarf. The scarf can be easily removed once you're indoors but I just wanted to show how it looked with the dress. The whole outfit gave me a Zooey Deschanel vibe and if you Google "Zooey Deschanel red dress" you'll see that she's a fan of red dresses. If you have pale skin and dark hair then you definitely need some red pieces in your wardrobe because they will look fantastic on you. Plus red is the color for the holidays.
The second outfit features my latest color obsession- forest green. The two pieces I bought that night were bought forest green because I discovered that the color looks great against my pale complexion and dark hair. I paired the forest green polyester and wool skirt with a sheer silk top. The skirt is very form fitting and the blouse is a loose and a bit boxy but when tucked inside the skirt it creates a very nice waistline. The top also gave the illusion of a smaller bust which I really liked. Since the top was quite sheer I had to layer on a tank top underneath so my bra wouldn't be showing. I really loved this whole outfit so much that I ended up with both the skirt and the blouse. I wanted to keep the accessories to a minimum since the blouse has really nice embellishments so I just added the pavé arrowstack necklace which features both silver and gold colored arrows. This outfit proves that you can never go wrong with keeping things simple.

I hope you enjoyed the two semi-formal outfit ideas. I will have another outfit ideas post coming up this week which will feature some more casual looks. Thank you Madewell for hosting a great bloggers event and thank you for having great sales!

How do you usually dress up for Christmas? My family keeps it casual in Christmas since we keep things small in our house

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