Wet n Wild's 24 Carrot Gold vs. Mac's Morange

Orange is a fun color but should you spend $15 on something that you're going to wear on special occasions? I've found a dupe of the cult favorite Morange lipstick and the best thing is that the lipstick is only $1.99! In my latest installment of my first impression review I'll be reviewing the Wet n Wild Mega Last Color in 24 Carrot Gold that I recently picked up. In the video I also compare it to Morange in terms of color, texture, opacity, and feel.

Hope you enjoyed this latest first impression review! If you want to request a first impression review or another video feel free to do so. I'm more than happy to take requests. :-) This was my first ever request and I was so ecstatic about it that I filmed it a couple days after I got the request.

Today's question is about dupes. What are some other lipstick dupes that you've found? Let me know in the comments below.

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