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When it comes to lashes women do everything! They will buy the latest lash serum, use mascara primer, buy loads and loads of fake lashes, try the newest mascara with the craziest claims, and some will even attempt a at home remedy or two in hopes to make their lashes grow. I had heard of eyelash extensions before but didn't know much about the procedure prior to my appointment at Blink Lash Boutique. Before I dive into the world of eyelash extensions I would like to point out that this is going to be a blog post focusing solely on Blink Lash Boutique, there will be two videos which will be posted the next week regarding the process and also my experience with eyelash extensions.

Blink Lash Boutique is a San Diego based eyelash extension boutique which caters to one of women's biggest beauty desire- to have long and voluminous lashes. It all started with the Mission Valley location, and from there the company has expanded to two more locations in San Diego county. There's a location in Little Italy and also in Solana Beach. I chose to go to the one in Mission Valley without even knowing that it was the very place where it all started.
When I arrived I was immediately greeted by two girls on the desk. My first impression upon walking in was how nice the boutique was. The decor was very quirky, cute, and it had kind of a Pinterest home decor vibe to it. There's a really nice seating area for those waiting for their appointment, as well as a tiny area where you can buy various products from candles to their own makeup remover.

Before starting the whole process of getting the eyelash extensions you have to fill just a tiny bit of paperwork, which is pretty normal for places dealing with delicate areas such as your eye. After filling out the paperwork and talking to the girl about how excited I was to get the lashes, it was time for me to step into one of the rooms and get the lashes I've always wanted. Let me put this out there, I have pretty good lashes to start off but I personally love big voluminous lashes. The bigger the better in my book! So why wouldn't I want my good lashes to become the big voluminous lashes that I want? I think you get what I mean now.
The woman who did my lashes was none other than Jen Pearson, owner and senior lash stylist at Blink Lash Boutique. I was so honored to have my lashes done by one of the owners and also a bit nervous because I'm just a rookie beauty blogger. My nervousness quickly went away though because Jen is incredibly nice. She walked me into one of the fully equipped rooms where I was going to begin my eyelash extensions session. Each room has a massage table for the customer to lay on, all the equipment for the lash application, a chair so the person joining you can sit down, and a little table to set your bag or phone down. All the rooms have the same quirky vibe that the lobby has which is great to see.

Each session lasts 1½-2 hours, it may sound like a while but my session literally flew by because I was so relaxed. There were a couple moments during my session where I was so relaxed that I was about to fall asleep. During my session I also got to talk to Jen about eyelash extensions, the boutique, and also blogging. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the extensions so getting to hear some of her tips was incredible. She also trains lash stylists, so I'm sure that all the other stylists are as amazing and knowledgeable as her. Jen also informed me that there are Spanish speaking lash stylists to cater to Spanish speaking women here in San Diego, as well as women from Tijuana. As a Mexican-American I always love when companies take the incentive to make their customers feel comfortable and hire people who are bilingual. 

Once my session was over I was absolutely blown away by how my lashes looked. My lashes had never looked better! They were full, long, and voluminous but they looked completely natural, and that's what I liked about it. Jen explained to me that other places that do lashes sometimes don't spend the time separating your lashes and making sure the extension is individually glued to one of your natural lashes, but Blink certainly does. That does contribute to the long session but honestly I would rather be there for hours than end up with a bad eyelash extension job. If your eyelash extensions are uncomfortable, twisting, or clumpy looking Blink Lash Boutique does specialize in corrective work.
Now let's talk about the price of getting your lashes done. I'm not going to lie but it is a pricy procedure, especially the first time you get them done. The price will depend on what you want but it will cost you $149+ and touch up will be $59. The good thing is that Blink Lash Boutique does promotions often so you can save money on your lash extensions. If you're a Yelp user you can save $10 off your 1st touch up visit if you check into the location on the Yelp app. You can also save money by opting to join their membership. With their membership you'll save $10 a month on touch ups and receive perks such as a free touch up on your birthday and discounts on Blink products. If you're planning on being a regular customer then the membership would definitely be for you. Also this is an offer just for my blog readers: if you go to Blink Lash Boutique and mention Laura Neuzeth (pronounced new-seth) you will get $50 off any full set!

I was so happy with the way my lashes turned out that I would certainly justify spending $149+ on special occasions. I got so many compliments from family members to fellow bloggers. But most importantly I just felt really pretty and feminine with them. I've recommended Blink Lash Boutique to a lot of my family members and friends, and now I'm here to encourage my blog readers to check them out. Blink Lash Boutique is not only incredibly cute but the staff is knowledgeable, nice, and will make sure that your lashes not only look great but remain healthy. After experiencing a session at Blink Lash Boutique it's no wonder why they were named one of the top lash boutiques in the nation.

Be on the lookout for my two videos next week where you will see how the eyelash extensions are put and also hear more about my experience. For more information regarding Blink Lash Boutique and to schedule an appointment please visit their website.

Question of the day: Have you tried eyelash extensions? If not, would you like to? Let me know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: I received my eyelash extensions for review purposes courtesy of Blink Lash Boutique. I am not being paid to review the company nor their eyelash extensions. The fact that I got my lashes done for free also does not affect my opinion whatsoever.  I really have to thank Blink not only for the lashes but also for the discount for my blog readers. This opportunity was brought upon me thanks to the San Diego Style Bloggers network. For more information regarding my review policy you can just read my full disclaimer.

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