It is finally time for me to show you all of the things I hauled during December and January. I did quite a bit of damage but good thing both my birthday and Christmas are in December so I usually end up with quite a bit of shopping money by the time the sales begin. In this haul I have a little bit of everything from drugstore items, to beauty tools, and even some high end products. I'm a bit proud and ashamed at the same time at how many products I have in this beauty... can I use the whole "being a beauty blogger" excuse for this haul?

I really hope you enjoyed this haul and once again if you want me to review any of the items in this video please let me know in the comments. I promise not to gather as many products next time I do a haul video because I know this video had way too many things. Also let me know in the comments below some of the things you've bought recently! I love watching and reading about things people have bought.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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