Review | Wet n Wild Intuitive Blend Shade Adjusting Foundation + Primer

Wet n Wild has been recently hitting it out of the ballpark when it comes to their products. Everyone knows how great the MegaLast Lip Colors, Color Icon Blushers, and Color Icon Eyeshadow palettes are but I haven't heard much about their foundations. When I stumbled upon this at Kmart I became very intrigued about a shade adjusting foundation. I wasn't sure what type of coverage this would have or what type of finish it would have since I've never used a product comparable to this. I have to admit that I also picked this up because I was skeptical that it would actually adjust to my skin tone.

Let's begin with Wet n Wild's claims for this particular product. On the back of the tube they claim that this foundation will start of white and adjust to your exact shade, and the primer portion is supposed to smooth and perfect skin leaving it with a silky finish. I have to say that the foundation part of the claim is true, this does start off white and will blend out to your skin seamlessly. It does a great job of just adjusting to whatever area you put this. My hands are darker than my face and the foundation blends seamlessly both on my hands and face like no other foundation can. Normally I would be able to tell that I put a lighter product on my hand (unless it has an extremely light coverage like a tinted moisturizer). As for the primer portion of their claim, I can't say that it perfects your skin. I find that this just leaves your skin looking very natural- like your skin but a bit better.

This foundation has a rather odd finish that I can't really pinpoint. I wouldn't say it's necessarily silky like they claim though. The best way I can describe it would be a natural finish because it leaves your skin looking like skin (not dewey, not too matte). The product does dry to a weird finish which makes it impossible to lay other cream products on top of this. This is certainly not a product that can be layered on. Applying anything from concealer to cream blush will result in the foundation becoming patchy and moving around. The first time I used this foundation I applied concealer afterwards and noticed my foundation moving around. Since it was very noticeable and I actually had to remove my foundation and apply concealer before applying this. If you want to get this foundation it works the best if you do all your concealing before applying, that's how I've been using it and I haven't had a problem since. You can definitely use powder as normal to set the foundation and powder blushes, it just doesn't do well with cream products.

As for the coverage, this has very light coverage which resembles a lot of tinted moisturizers and BB creams on the market. If you have particularly bad skin, or a lot of redness/darkness, then this product is not a good option for you. I would only suggest this product for younger girls and women with pretty good skin. This is definitely a product for those who just want to even out the skin tone a little but aren't too concerned with having a flawless complexion.
I personally enjoy the coverage it gives me and find that it works better than the drugstore tinted moisturizers/BB creams that I've tried. Unlike most drugstore American BB creams this doesn't oxidize on my skin. BB creams like the one from L'Oréal and Maybelline left me with an orange complexion a couple hours after applying, but this just stays the same all day long. I haven't noticed it oxidizing on my skin whatsoever. It also didn't make me look really shiny either which was great.

If you have fair skin and the shade in 175 Fair/Clair is a really great option for me. That's another complaint that I have with drugstore tinted moisturizers and BB creams, their shade selection sucks. Usually their lightest shade is Light or Light/Medium which is a little too dark for me, even in the summer. Wet n Wild did a great job by offering a lighter option than "light." Their shade selection isn't amazing though, with only four shades to choose from (fair, light, medium, and tan) it won't cater to women of all skin tones despite their claims. Tan will certainly not work with women with darker complexions and if you happen to have a lighter complexion than me, then fair won't be light enough for you. The foundation can only adjust to your skin tone so much, it's not a miracle worker.
As for the application, I find that you need to use your fingers. Don't even try to use a brush to buff this into your skin since you physically need to burst the little white beads. It's not a foundation that is terribly hard to blend out so I really don't mind using my fingers. I also really love that it comes in a tube so I can squeeze exactly the amount I want.

Overall this is a decent drugstore foundation. It isn't exactly rave-worthy but it is certainly a lot better than other drugstore tinted moisturizer/BB creams on the market. This light coverage foundation will provide you with a natural finish to your skin, but if you want to do any type on concealing I would recommend you to do that before you apply your foundation. This foundation retails for $6-7 at drugstores and Kmart but you can usually find some kind of promotion on Wet n Wild products to save even more money.

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