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My one year blogiversary is fastly approaching and I couldn't be more excited. 2013 was a great year but I am committed to make 2014 even better. More content, more review, more tutorials, more outfit inspiration, and of course more giveaways. Like the sound of that? If so just keep reading so you can get the 411 on what's to come.

Video Series
I plan to launch a couple of video series this year including the one you voted for on my blog poll! Thank you so much for voting for Makeup for Glasses. I really loved that video series idea so I'm really glad that you picked that one. Remember to vote in the blog poll so you can voice your opinion on what you want to see. I also plan to record video series about skincare, fitness (because I really need to start being more healthy), and top 5 products. There will also be a really exciting on-going series about blogging and YouTube basics. If you have any questions regarding editing, starting a blog, etc. just let me know.

Blog Posts
It seems like people really liked my Brandy Melville piece so I'm hoping to write more thought provoking blog posts. Most of these will be provoked by either a controversy or something that has been bothering me, but I always feel good to have discussions with other women about certain topics. I'm also going to keep doing more lipstick swatches posts since it seems like they're very liked by my blog readers. And I will also try to be more consistent with outfit of the day and face of the posts since those are oldies but goodies.

As always I will be reviewing anything from makeup to hair products on the blog and also on my YouTube channel. Requests are always welcomed on the blog or YouTube channel. I will also keep up the "first impression" reviews since it seems a lot of people enjoy those as well. Whenever you see me do a haul and you want me to review something just let me know. That is the perfect opportunity for you to request reviews/first impressions. I will also begin to sneak in small giveaways in reviews so make sure to keep your eyes peeled whenever I post a review.

2013 was the year of networking and building friendships in the YouTube and blogging world so I really hope to be able to collaborate with some of my friends this year. If we talk to one another and wish to collaborate just let me know! I really hope to be able to do more videos with my friends because that sounds like a lot of fun.

As I previously I will be sneaking in giveaways in my reviews. Those giveaways will be small so you'll be just winning the item I am reviewing. The small giveaways will be open internationally so anyone will be able to enter! This is the perfect opportunity for those who live outside of the U.S. to be able to try some American products. I also mentioned that my 1-year blogiversary is coming up and I plan to have a big international giveaway for that occasion. I have started to collect some items and I have to say things are looking pretty good. You will get a collection of some of the items that I love and use very often.

I also plan to host more giveaways on my blog in 2014 so if you're a company or small business owner that would like me to host a giveaway feel free to e-mail me. Sponsored giveaways may not always be international due to the fact that I'm not the one setting up the rules and there could be some shipping restrictions.

All giveaways will be done through Rafflecopter to ensure that people follow the rules and so you can earn the entries that you wish. Winners are always picked at random through Rafflecopter and the winner's name appears on the widget as soon as the giveaway ends. Winners will be announced on my Twitter and Facebook, as well as contacted by me through email.

Live Webcasts
I don't know about you but I personally love when YouTubers do live Google+ hangouts because it gives you the opportunity to ask them questions on the spot. I think a Google+ hangout sounds like something that I really would like to do even if it's for only an hour. The Google+ hangouts will of course depend on my readership and subscribers tuning in because it would be a little embarrassing to host a webcast and have no one tuning in.

And those are just some of the things that you can expect in 2014. I really hope you're as excited as I am to launch year 2 of Laura Neuzeth. I will tweak the banner just a little and as you can see the signature has already been changed. I'm SO EXCITED for 2014!

What are you excited for in 2014? Let me know in the comments below!

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