Aall In Limo's Temecula Wine Tour

On Sunday the San Diego limo business, Aall In Limo, hosted a group of bloggers on one of their popular wine tours in Temecula. We went from San Diego all the way to Temecula on a party bus which provided us a lot of time to chat with friends and get to meet new bloggers. Once we got to the wineries the learning and wine tasting began. Let me just say, I might want to do another wine tour after my experience on Sunday.

The first winery that we visited was Danza del Sol. The 35 acre estate in Temecula is home to the Gewürztraminer and Sauvignon Blanc grapes. Laura was our very knowledgeable guide at Danza del Sol who walked us through the vineyard, the fermenting process of the wine, and also the wine tasting. I really enjoyed getting to see a behind the scenes look of wine making. The tanks where the fermenting process takes place are huge! It's incredible to see all the labor that goes on to make wine firsthand. During the production facility of the tour we also got to taste the wine after it's done with the fermentation process. The taste of the red wine was very bitter and dry in comparison to the finished product which we also got to taste.

My alcohol tolerance isn't the best, let me be the first one to tell you but after those two first glasses of wine I was ready to taste some more! Since I was the driver I did decide to take it easy and stick to the lighter fruity wines instead of red wine. This was my first time tasting fruity white wines and I have to say, these aren't just for women. What I really enjoyed was getting to taste the different notes of each wine. Some had a very strong citrus flavor and would leave a more mellow pear or honeysuckle aftertaste. I tried about four or five different wines but my favorites were definitely the 2012 Orange Muscat and the 2012 Gerürztraminer.

After a very successful trip to Danza del Sol, Aall In Limo took us to our next stop- Miramonte Winery. Me and my blogger friends decided to skip on the wine tasting and go take outfit pictures by the vineyards. The Miramonte Winery estate consists of beautiful vineyards and a wine tasting area that resembles a Spanish villa.
I had an incredible day with both my friends and the new bloggers I met. I would like to thank Aall In Limo for hosting us, Danza del Sol for their warm hospitality, and Katherine Belarmino of Travel the World for organizing the event. If you have an upcoming birthday or special event, and you're looking into going on a local wine tour then I would highly recommend looking into Aall In Limo, they offer a variety of plans and wineries to visit in the Temecula region.
Check out the vlog to see my friends Paulina of Lil Bits of Chic, Alessandra of Alessandra Gonzalez and Mundo de Alessandra, and Monse of Monserrat Hermosillo! You'll also get to see the bus, the wine tasting, and some cute dogs that we encountered that day.

Hope you enjoyed today's blog post. Let me know in the comments below if you have a favorite wine! Mine is a French wine that I got at Trader Joe's, unfortunately I don't know the name (fail) but I'll ask my boyfriend one of these days since he knows.
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Disclaimer: Aall In Limo hosted a group of bloggers on one of their popular wine tours. I am not being compensated for this post by neither Aall In Limo nor Danza del Sol. All opinions, stories, and pictures are my own. For more information please check out Aall In Limo's website.

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