February 2014 Playlist

February has a reputation of being the month of love because of good ol' Valentine's Day. Although Valentine's Day has come and gone that doesn't mean that you can't continue to celebrate love. What inspired me to create this playlist was the new Metronomy song cleverly titled Love Letters. Look at me being cliché and making a playlist about love... It almost makes me want to puke because I am not cutesy at all, but I do happen to enjoy these songs quite a bit. Even non-cutesy girls give into a good love song every now and then.

I've always felt so odd talking about love to others. My high school friends would call me cold hearted because I wasn't openly cutesy. They would even advise me to not be myself in order to attract a guy, which is one of the worst things you can tell someone. Is there a problem with a girl wanting more than chocolates, roses, and stuffed animals out of a relationship? I know everyone has a different needs and desires when it comes to love, but materialistic things is not something I want nor need. I personally sought for someone who would accept and love me for who I am, that's pretty much it.

While other girls were dating around hoping they would find prince charming out there, I was focusing on learning to love myself. There was no point in being a relationship if I was completely uncomfortable with myself. Sure there were times I wanted to be in a relationship as I was growing up (especially when I would hear songs like You Make It Easy and Honeymoon) but I wasn't going to force anything. Thankfully the waiting around paid off when I made a friend that shared the same unconventional views about being in a relationship.

I never quite knew what being in love would feel like, but you'll never know unless you experienced it yourself. Now I know very well why love is such a popular topic among lyricists but I still feel like it's a very strange thing. Strange in a good way though.

I can't explain what love feels like but hopefully this playlist will be able to explain it a lot better than me.
What is your favorite love song? Let me know in the comments below.

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