Parisian Memories

I always feel so annoying when I talk about Paris because since coming back from studying abroad it's all I ever talk about. Almost everything reminds me of Paris nowadays. Cloudy days- Paris, cheese- Paris, wearing scarfs- Paris, red lipstick- Paris. You know how some people believe in love at first sight? I may not believe in love at first sight in the traditional sense, but that is just what happened when I first went to Paris in 2008.

You might be asking yourself, why don't you just go back to Paris? Well it's certainly easier said than done, plus I never want to go back to Paris as a tourist. I honestly believe that going back to Paris as a tourist would be torture for me, so what I am planning to do is move to Paris sometime in the future. It is actually a goal for both my boyfriend and I (notice I said goal and not dream). Dreams can often just fade in the distance, but we're both very determined to return to Paris and call the city our home.

Since that won't be happening any time soon we've resorted in doing things that remind us of Paris such as having little picnics and indulging in gelato. I certainly took advantage of having picnics in Paris and why not? There's nothing better than grabbing even a simple jambon beurre and going to the Eiffel Tower, Jardin du Luxembourg, or the Seine river to sit down and people watch. Life in the U.S. is very different from France, from starters Americans never seem to enjoy the little things in life. People watching is considered creepy, chain restaurants are the norm, and shopping local is something that only "hipsters" tend to do. Another big difference is that Americans don't take the time to enjoy their food. When the French eat they take their time talking and enjoying each item served which is something that both my boyfriend and I try to do when we see one another.

Sure it isn't the same as being back in Paris but at least it brings back great memories of when we lived there.
Check out the vlog from that day to see this girl who looks exactly like me.
Hope you enjoyed today's blog post. Let me in the comments below if you also feel like you belong in another city. And if you feel completely content where you are let me know what city you're living in. 

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