Vlogging Weekend

This past weekend I did a whole lot of vlogging since I was in a really good mood. I always tend to vlog when I got visit my boyfriend or when he comes down to see me, so this past Friday I vlogged our latest foodie adventure. And on Sunday instead of going to a Super Bowl party, I decided to spend the day with my little Yorkie, Francis. I took her to the local dog park to see if she could improve her social skills because she tends to be very awkward in social situations just like her owner.

Friday consisted of our foodie adventure. Our first stop? Venissimo Cheese of course! We went back to cheese heaven to have another French picnic. We went for le Chevrot (intense goat cheese), P'tit Basque (sheep milk cheese from France), Idiazabal (nutty Spanish cheese), fromager du truffe (creamy cheese with truffles), a cone with cured meats, and a baguette. The fromager du truffle was so creamy and delightful, if you like stronger cheeses I would highly recommend that cheese.

That same day we also went to the Gelato Paradiso which opened recently. Since coming back from Paris my quest to find good gelato has been a failure. All the gelato I've tried has been too watery or has the same consistency as ice cream (which is a no-no), but this place gets it right! The gelato was just as good as the one I would get at Amorino in Paris, and the best thing is that they're generous with the portions. I tried the dulce de leche and pistachio gelato which were amazing! They were nice and thick in consistency, and rich in flavor. If you live in the area and love gelato then you have to check out Gelato Paradiso.

The day ended with another visit to Project Pie which I didn't vlog because we met up with Orlando's friends and I don't really like vlogging people that are very private.
Yesterday I took Francis out to the dog park. Since I need to get back into shape I decided to walk her all the way there. Good thing Francis loves walking because it was a very long walk which left both of us exhausted. Once we got to the dog park she was avoiding all dogs and following me around, but then she started playing with the other two dogs there. It was the very first time I had ever seen her play with other dogs so I was very happy. She's still quite awkward with other dogs but maybe if I take her out more often she'll become more social.

I hope you enjoyed my latest two vlogs. Let me know if you have a dog in the comments below because I love talking about dogs. I have two dogs: Francis the 5 year-old Yorkie that we found in the streets, and Buster the 10 year-old chow chow who loves stuffed animals.

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