From Sunrise to Sunset

If you follow me on Twitter then you might have seen that I woke up at 5am on Friday so I could go see Orlando. I'm not a morning person at all but it's a lot easier to wake up when you know you're going to have a good day. I had not seen a sunrise in a while though, probably the last one I saw was during my last semester of college when I went to see Orlando on a Wednesday so we could see Phoenix perform a small set at the KROQ studio in L.A. Waking up early sucks but at least we were able to fit in pho, blog photos, browsing at stores, watching TV, pizza with friends, henchatas (horchata + hennessy), and a minor train freakout all in one day. Sounds like your typical Friday, right? haha I'm going to walk you through what an average day commuting for a long distance relationship looks like.

Whenever I take the train I make sure to take two bags: my handbag and a separate bag for my cameras, water, my sweater/jacket, and my iPad. I like to be as comfortable as possible when I take the train so I usually opt for jeans and a comfortable top. I also love having something to do while I'm on the train and that's where my iPad comes into place. You can always find me tweeting, writing Yelp reviews, or playing games while I'm going from San Diego to Santa Ana.

Once I arrive at Santa Ana it's usually time for Orlando and I to get breakfast/lunch because I'm usually starving by the time I get out the train. We have some favorite spots that we like to go when I get off the train like pho, revolving sushi, or breakfast at Paul's. Then we'll usually browse around a couple of stores or the swap meet before we get some dessert. Once we get bored from walking around we'll go back to watch TV shows over at Orlando's place. I used to complain about Orlando's shows back in Paris when I would watch them a few times a week, but now that we only get to do that once every 2 weeks I look forward to watching The Daily Show or The Regular Show.

During the evening we'll either go out to eat at a restaurant or to a supermarket to get stuff for Orlando to cook. Little known fact, Orlando loves to cook! He would often cook for my roommate and I in Paris, which was great since neither of us were good at cooking. After that we'll maybe squeeze in a movie or at least a trip to the outlets. And then before we know it it'll be 10:58pm and I'll be hopping on the train back home.

Despite spending 14 hours together this past Friday, it felt more like 3 hours. It's crazy how fast time goes by when you're doing everyday sort of things. Hopefully next time I go up we'll be able to go see Jimmy Kimmel Live which has been a dream of mine for a few years. Keep your fingers crossed for me! Not only would that be amazing but how cool would the vlog be?!?
Here's the vlog featuring a bare faced Laura and my fear of heights.
Are you a morning person or do you like to sleep in? I'm definitely not a morning person nor do I pretend to. I enjoy my sleep and could easily stay asleep till 1/2pm.
PS. Outfit of the day post is coming up real soon!

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